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Hello every one.  This is my favourite Bolognese recipe. I hope you all enjoy making it. I make this regular on Saturday.

Always Bolognese Night.

You will need the following a blender or a food processor.
Chopping Board, Stock pot, Pan for Pasta.


One pack of good quality Pork Chipolatas pack of twelve.
Your favourite Jar of Pasta Sauce 
One Carrot, Two sticks Celery diced up fine.
One stock cube or a Tub of Chicken stock.
Fennel Seeds one teaspoon .

Pasta your favourite I use Penne or Rigatoni 


Cheese if you wish use Cheddar does not have to Parmesan .

You do not have to use Cheese .


Chipolatas out of skins give them a squeeze in to a Stock pot dice up chop up with a wooden spoon with Olive Oil brown.

On a medium heat.  

Make sauce Blender or Food Processor .  Chopping board dice up vegetables fine if you can going to be blitzed up in Sauce.  Add to Blender or Food processor.

Add jar of Pasta Sauce your favourite. Tub of Chicken stock or stock cube add a touch of water . If using Stock cube . Fennel Seeds a teaspoon.

Blitz up.

To Stock pot cover with sauce bring to a boil and simmer thirty minutes.

Add a portion of your favourite Pasta to a pan of Boiling water. Use a kettle for boiling water.  Salt a tablespoon. Let it boil and add Pasta.

When ready after packet instruction if they say ten minutes do this for nine.

Drain to Stock pot either a Colander with a cup underneath for any water. Might need for any time Sauce is thick.

Or use a slotted spoon .  Remove a ladle of water  to use.

Mix Pasta further five minutes. Serve to bowls topped with your favourite Cheese if you so wish.

Do add Chillies to this. Usually Chilli Flakes adjust for taste.

Thank you.


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