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Notice for all Equality Act please help

BirdsnbeesBirdsnbees Member Posts: 75 Pioneering
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Hi scope people

I wanted to say I would really appreciate your encouragement support and commenting on the below issues as and when they arise for you in your care and experience as someone who is disabled

I have raised the issues myself with my local council the british medical association and the nhs

Please do so yourself as and when you feel appropriate and these are all ujust thoughts I have had have not acted on them all

in my view all are discriminatory breaking law against equality act and show failure to make reasonable adjustments i would like to contact relevant charities the nhs the british medical association mps ams to see if they can help and i wonder if scope would be happy to campaign on any of these:

-social housing waiting lists current wait does not house disabled vulnerable the same as healthy person more likely to wait more likely get unsuitable property more likely to become homeless

-landlords not accepting dss tenants

-landlords not accepting adaptations needed to properties

-dwp assessing someone as fit to work when not or wrong decision on pip or esa

-dwp social workers housing trying to bully harrass force someone work or do something they cant because of being disabled

-any doctor healthcare professional dentist that treats you differently because access nhs treatment rather than private

- anyone who treats you differently anywhere because you are disabled or do something different because of your disability

- failing to make reaosnable adjustments for you when you have asked for them

- ignoring autism, the fact it exists failing to make reaosnable adjustments for it and carrying out care the same as for someone who is not autstic is harrassment and unlawful

-criticising or assessing someone as fit to work because they stand up for their legal rights

please please speak out about these keep records its only because of our united effort we can win in the fight against this

I have recently written to my council and am about these things

I would really like to change a lot of these being disabled and struggling daily makes it very difficult to get any of it resolved it all has an impact on all of our daily lives

please reply with your thoughts and lets make a joint effort to stop those in charge to breaking the law

please ask political parties to support these aims and make life better for us


  • MisscleoMisscleo Member Posts: 646 Pioneering
    Hi iv been doing this since 1980s cant say iv got very far.
    The council & police have no interest in disabled people.
    Iv had police say disabled people cause the problems by BEING disabled.??
    The police blame the council the council blame the police.
    The heads of both of these should be sacked.
    Legal aid should be available to people on pension credit guaranteed. Then we could start to sort out the disgracful behaviour towards disabled people.
  • Chloe_ScopeChloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,653 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you for sharing this with us @Birdsnbees, I'm sorry you have experiences discrimination and I hope you get a positive response from your council!

  • BirdsnbeesBirdsnbees Member Posts: 75 Pioneering
    Hi @Misscleo and @Chloe_Scope I have been in touch with political parties about this and scope and have had some positive responses from both which is good. Still waiting to hear from the council
  • pcoventrypcoventry Member Posts: 149 Pioneering
    edited November 2019
    Sorry but no. I have to disagree on this point.

    "-landlords not accepting dss tenants"

    Want to know why!? I'll be brutally honest.And please remember I am Disabled also so I see it from both sides.

    My family has had several properties with DSS tenants and all but 1 have been decent. One moved out of a house because he "might" have been asked to pay £1 a week more  - the house was subsequently stripped of all it's piping and roof lead - we had to let a house go we pay'd £109,950 for but only got 11K at auction. Another house has a single woman with 3 kids - there was a leak and she didn't tell us for 3 years (wouldn't talk to us - when we tried to inspect the locks had been changed, we even sent her a mobile via courier as she refused to turn hers on) - now the house is so bad when she is finally kicked out it might well have to be demolished and then the land sold to try and get something back - will be a massive loss there also.  To top it off she tried to blackmail us by demanding £4000 for her furniture to be replaced due to the leak she didn't tell us about. And don't get me started on the threats to sue based on her and her kids health due to mold! If she had told us about the leak a Plumber would have sorted it the next day!. And we have 1 final tenant who we have been trying to get out for months but the court keeps rejecting -The house has not been trashed but she gave the keys to her Drug Dealer as collateral in case she couldn't pay. It's OUR House!! And neither of these ladies have paid rent for 6 months + - in fact 1 of them has rent arrears of 5K from her previous house which WE have been forced to pay by means of deduction by the DWP) She is still getting Housing Benefit as we have been told she is holding a house nearby whilst she continues to live in and abuse our house, because the law allows that.  She will no doubt **** on the next landlord because that's what she has done in the past - so I hope they get to pick up her tab when she's gone. 

    My mum would be turning in her grave if she could see the rubbish our once healthy business has turned into. So no, personally (although I have been one for many years) I refuse to take anymore DSS tenants, in fact however we do it 1 by 1 the houses are being sold and after 13 years of trying we will end up with a loss.

    Why? Because you can tell someone to F off and stop paying rent - and it'll be about 18 months before you are turfed out. The law is so hell bent on protecting tenants they are literally choking the housing supply of money, resources and patience. We've also been turned down for places even after being told to go and view them because we are DSS - But I can see both sides and I can understand why.

    I wish I could say my experience was a one off - but it's not.  You have to walk in my shoes to see how **** it is from this side, and why the letters "DSS" strike fear into the hearts of many Landlords - We know not all DSS tenants are bad, and some agents think someone in work is more secure than DSS, which is never the case. (You still get paid for being sick when on benefits) but at any time someone can decide to **** all over us - and then the Government and the courts will just do the same, all because we want the right to protect OUR income and possessions!
  • BirdsnbeesBirdsnbees Member Posts: 75 Pioneering
    @pcoventry I am sorry to hear of your difficulties with dss tenants - I think whether a dss tenant disabled or working healthy full time you can get bad and good tenants. I dont think being on dss is an indicator of someone being a bad tenant nor should it be. It is about the person and they should be treated on a personal basis.

    I am sorry to hear about difficulties with the law and taking money from you. I did not know the law was like this regarding bad tenants. Mind you, why didnt you inspect the lady's property on a yearly basis as most landlords do to check for the leak? I understand you may have had your own difficulties. Silly guy being silly about the £1 more for someone on benefits that extra £4 may have made a difference and its not the fault of dss tenants you needed to strip the house and it sold for less than thought.

    The woman sounds awful, really kind of you to send a mobile for her in post. So does the next person. Never heard of allowing a dss person to live in two homes, I don't think thats right and I'd check it out. Why on earth have you been asked to pay her rent arrears? that's nuts.

    glad you can see both sides honestly I'm sad it has hurt you and your business because of the bad experiences you have I am glad though that there are good rights for tenants. people deserve a good and healthy home suitable for them and although it is your business it is people's way of surviving.

    you;re completely right re security never being the case whether in work or not. nowadays its just not like that anymore. this is why i see even less of a reason to refuse to accept good dss tenants with a reference of looking after a home.

    I would say to you please do not stop letting to dss tenants just because of bad experience. a working person could be just as bad. I have lived with people while working who were just as bad if not worse and heard of working people doing the same. I would ask you to always interview tenants at a viewing get a reference from previous landlord checking have looked after the property and ask them why they are on dss. like you and me, they might just be genuine need a home and help out your buisness rather than try to f you over.

  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger
    edited November 2019
    @pcoventry i'm sorry to hear that you've had such bad experiences with DSS tenants but i feel i need to add my thoughts here too.

    I'm a DSS tenant and i have been for 15 years, yes, i owned my own home too once with a mortgage but  due to extreme personal circumstances, i sadly lost that home through no fault of my own.

    In all the years i've been renting, i've not once been behind with my rent, i've paid my own rent directly to past landlords as well as housing benefit paying directly to them, if that's what the LL has chosen. Yes, i've also had times where my housing benefit doesn't fully cover my rent BUT i paid the extra each month to the LL with no problems at all.

    I've had LL's that manage the property there self, as well as agencies that fully manage properties.

    I've put my own money into each home i've had because yes, it may belong to the LL but it's my home, not theirs. I'm the one that has to live there, not them. Yet, when it comes to repairs, i've yet to find a LL that will do the most basic repairs.

    I've lived in houses with damp, so bad in fact that mold has been growing on the bedroom walls, skirting boards black and coming from the wall because of the damp, rotten front and back doors, so bad that rain water has been coming through the door, drafts so bad that i've had to go out to buy my own draft excluder in a desperate attempt to keep my home warm.  Boilers that don't work properly. ovens that don't work at all. Kitchen units installed above a hob, need i go on? There's bad landlords too that certainly don't treat DSS tenant fairly and i'm proof of that.

    So yes, there are bad tenants out there that may cause disruption, may not pay their rent and end up owing thousands to landlords, landlords who can't evict them because of various reasons. BUT what about the good tenants?? We aren't all scum and we certainly aren't all as bad as some think we are. There are DSS tenants out there that value the home they live in, that respect their home, that want to look after what they have, that want to keep their home looking as nice as they possibly can and i'm definitely one of them. It's just sad and makes me sick to think that very few landlords won't even give the good ones a chance.

    I recently moved into a house after looking for 18 months because i was desperate to move from the damp moldy, freezing flat that i lived in for over 2 years. The first thing i did to my new home before i even moved in was buy new carpets for the whole house, with permission from the landlord, of course. Replace the hob and put an extractor fan above the hob in the kitchen because it didn't have one. This is just the start and the list of things i've had to request be repaired in the first week was ridiculous.

    In my opinion, it works both ways, i don't mind giving providing the landlord gives their fair share as well and at least maintains my home for the time that i live there. I hope this time that my new landlord proves me wrong, only time will tell.

    As much as there are bad tenants out there, there's as many bad landlords too.

    Proud winner of the 2019 empowering others award. This award was given for supporting disabled people and their families for the benefit advice I have given to members here on the community.
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