Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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esa review

MarbleMarble Member Posts: 20 Connected
I'm I'm new I'm Allison. I filled in a form for a review 7 mths ago. And got the dreaded brown envelope sat for an assessment next week. So I've not slept sick with worry. I have been very I'll with septis etc. I've had two assessments and lost each time only to have them over turned. The last time by a manager who then investigated and put me back in support. Since then I've had a op a lump removed and still ongoing issues due to bad treatment l changed hospitals and had to start again. I've had asthma issues and bladder and bowel issues. My bladder issues is still ongoing and now I'm going to have some treatment but not sure when that is. Whilst having scans and MRIs they noticed my spine had degenerated. I knew about my neck. It was on the list 🙄 This year I've struggled so badly! I couldnt walk the pain. l had seen a ceo of my last hospital who admitted their treatment of me wasnt the best and they were going to sort me out. That was May since then I've had one email saying they are still going to do this and heard nothing since. I'm going to report them to the medical board. So I e waited!! In pain! Disgraceful that do called NHS would treat someone like that after they admitted liability. So I've waiting to be assessed. I've got xrays of my neck and back from the chiropractor. And seen a specialist physio who says he thinks l have fibromyalgia. But I've nothing in writing. So l have issues with my back and the pain l also get very bad headaches from my neck shoulder pain and my right had is riddled. I'm riddle with osteoarthritis in every joint! My thumb doesnt work some times and my finders. 
I was awarded pip after 3 attempts And because l live alone l was give carers allowance. So as I've never been awarded esa on it's on scoring no points each time only on appeal infact my first assessor said you can appeal this before l even sat down! So If l lose my esa will l lose pip and carers allowance? l was put in the support group this last time. And the enhanced disability premium. I cant get through to esa. I've had terrible NHS treatment from day one the hospital was involved in a scandle ppl died and staff were moved they failed a basic NHS level it must have been bad. I'm worried sick as l wont be able to buy food or cover my Bill's but I'm not able to work. Sorry for the long message any help please or advice. l have my meeting next week.


  • madnessmadness Member Posts: 13 Connected
    This sounds really horrible for you xxxx  
  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    I totally agree how stressful these assessments are. My last one was just over a year ago and i got myself worked up into a terrible stressful mess before the assessment.

    It helps if you take someone with you, do you have a friend or family member that can go with you?

    You say you're claiming carers allowance for yourself? This isn't possible to do this. I'm assuming you mean you're claiming the severe disability premium in with your ESA.

    If the worst does happen and they find you fit for work then your ESA will stop, including the severe disability premium. Your PIP won't be affected and you'll continue to receive this.

    The best thing you can do is to concentrate on the assessment and try not to think the worst, difficult i know but it won't help you by thinking this way.

    Remember that being placed into the support group is not about a diagnosis, it's how those conditions affect your ability to do any type of work and this is what they will assess you on.

    Once you have a decision, if the worst has happened or you're placed into the work group and you're not happy, post back here, if you need to and someone will advise you further.

    Good luck with the assessment.
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  • MarbleMarble Member Posts: 20 Connected
    Hi poppy, yes sorry your right the severe disability payment. l think when they rang me up it confused me. After waiting l rang the esa today 1 hour 40 minutes later and she told me the wrong information. It's hard enough trying to understand this situation without the ppl who work for them advising you incorrectly, not the first time l might add. Yes l have no doubt I'd be found fit for work this will be my 3rd l got zero points on my other two but they were over turned. I was seriously I'll. Sadly I've got no one to go with me to these assessments. So l will be alone, l often think why do they bother it's only a shambles. I read both my previous reports on my last assessments ful of lies. I have no doubt this one will be to. How long do they take till they turn you down. The first time they found me fit for work I'd had septis really bad l nearly died. They sent me to a job club. The women took one look at me she was horrified and didnt want me on her premises l had issues with many organs and she said after l told her about what was going on. You could see she didnt want me on the premises just incase l died. l was very very I'll l even started planning my funeral. My records at my doctors were in red and flashed septis and cancer. But they have never stopped harassing me. I had a major asthma attack due to their abuse! So I'm back again number 3 the second one was an idiot he was a physio therapy didnt even know what wave therapy was which was amazing as it's his field. 🤬 He accused me of faking my peak flow and added 100 to it and said it was bad technique after one puff. I had a chest infection and bronchitis at the time well the start of it. These ppl should be charged for falsifying medical evidence. I wondered if they would take everything. Which is what they do.. I've now got degeneration of the spine and other issues with my joints my right hand l some times struggle with my thumb some times doesnt work. You get worn down with this. Well thank you I'm expecting the same outcome tbh they actually found a man in a coma for for work !! So. I will thank you for your advice at least l know. I will contact you for my mandatory reconsideration and no doubt I'll be heading for a tribunal at some stage. l wish I'd studied law I would love to sue these ppl. They're breaking the human rights code. At least it will give me chance to prepare my money maybe buy some tins as a live alone and have no family. Thank you x 
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