DLA claim - 4 year old with CP.

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I have tried to apply for DLA for my 4 year old who has cerebral palsy, it has been declined, I have appealed the decision, and have been waiting for a date for the tribunal. I’ve finally got the date and it’s coming up very soon. 
What should I expect? What kind of evidence could really help that I could of forgotten? 
I did have an appointment with a welfare rights officer, and she looked at the claim form and she said she wouldn’t of filled it out any better as I did it very detailed, and gave evidence. 
The main reason the claim got declined was because my little girl doesn’t wake through the night? ? but she was prescribed baclofen for leg spasms, and only doesn’t wake in the night because of the medication. She still wakes, just not “enough” they say.


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    Not waking through the night should not have been any reason to have refused the claim. You need to show that she needs more care an attention/supervision than that of a child the same age who doesn't have a disability or health condition.

    Have you sent a statement to the Tribunal? If you haven't then i'd advise you to do this. It should state what extra care and attention she needs. Give some real life examples of why that extra care and attention is needed. Any extra evidence should be sent to the Tribunal to arrive no later than 10 days before the hearing.

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    Hello @daniellelinleyx

    What evidence did you submit before? Make additional copies and take them with you to the tribunal. I had the same issues as you. I filled out the boring paper forms with supplementary photocopies of evidence but am currently awaiting a response on my request for a tribunal date.

    I made another copy of the form which I secretly keep in a drawer in my room in case. The staff who read and then process the forms unfortunately lack relevant training. The assessment report which I got several weeks later shocked me. It was completely full of nonsense. I then made some photocopies of that report and then shredded the original one out of frustration. I am sorry to read this. Have you contacted your local advice bureau? 

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