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Hi, my name is jact64!

jact64jact64 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Yesterday i was told by my surgeon my only option left now for my damaged sciatic nerve pain is a scs.
Im terrified but in so much pain 😔


  • emmarenshawemmarenshaw Member Posts: 712 Pioneering
    Hello @jact64 ,
    Welcome to the Scope Online Community. I'm sorry you're going through such a tough time. The community and Scope team are here should you need any support at all.
  • Adrian_ScopeAdrian_Scope Testing team Posts: 7,998

    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @jact64. I'm sorry to hear how worried you are. Have they given you any indication on a timeframe for it?
    Community Manager
  • AilsAils Member Posts: 2,268 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @jact64 and welcome to the Community.  It is nice to meet you and thank you for sharing with us.  I'm really sorry to hear about your pain and can understand how frustrating this must be for you.  We are all here to support you so please feel free to chat to us anytime and if there is anything we can help you with then please just ask.  All the best.  :smile:
    Winner of the Scope New Volunteer Award 2019.   :)
  • Connie00Connie00 Member Posts: 255 Pioneering

    Hello @jact64

    My Name is Connie00

    I am one off the community Champion’s here at Scope.  it’s really nice to meet you.

    A very warm welcome to the Community.

    Thank you for reaching out to us, it's completely Understandable why you are so scared, who wouldn't be in your shoes. However  what you have to weigh up is the high intensity of pain you are in now with little or no relief. or take the risk and I won't lie there are risks. 

    But you take or we take risks every day in our everyday lives. we take risks when we cross a busy road or get into our cars nobody knows for sure what's going to happen

    you know what they say nothing ventured nothing gained. I  do believe the success rate is much better now, talk it over with your surgeon, these procedures are very expensive and if not very good results would not be offered.

    We are always here to lend support, help, and advise where we can,

    If we can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to contact us




    @connie00   :) 

  • jact64jact64 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Thanks everyone,still trying to find my way round this site so have to bear with me... ive had on going back issues since i gave up nursing in 2009 . I slipped two discs and have had several nerve blocks , racs  two discectomies neurosurgery snd countless  other  treatments non of which were successful .. i have tried every form of pain relief  known to man and  had resigned my self to living in constant pain from the damage my sciatic and radial nerves have suffered.
    having a SCS is my last option and im due to have a trial one fitted asap ! 
    Im told my pain wont be gone 100% but any % is good with me .. if it means a nights sleep ... be grateful fir any feed back both good and bad x
  • AilsAils Member Posts: 2,268 Disability Gamechanger
    You are welcome, @jact64 and please take your time getting to know the site as it took a while for me to get used to it too when I first joined so don't worry!  I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain and it sounds as though you have been through a lot!  I suffer from pain too in my hip and leg so can appreciate how bad you must feel at times.  Good luck with the SCS!  I hope it goes well for you and gives you some relief.  Please let us know how you get on as we will all be thinking about you.  All the best.  :smile:
    Winner of the Scope New Volunteer Award 2019.   :)
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