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Hell every one this my no chopping or dicing Winter Soup.

All the ingredients are either bought diced fresh or frozen, takes minutes to put together.

Some thing quick in this chilly weather.

You will need one saucepan.

Measuring jug and measuring spoons.


Onions pre diced frozen, used a tablespoon
Pack of Carrot, Swede diced . Used a tablespoon 
Baby Potatoes small ones use a handful per person.
Butternut Squash diced used a tablespoon.  Frozen.
Carton of Passata 500g
Herbs dried Italian mix half a teaspoon
One half pint of vegetable granules. Made up might not use it all.
Cannellini Beans drained.

Note if you go into your supermarkets most of them sell veggies fresh, frozen diced already for either mashing, or for Soup.  Check on your local supermarkets website.

I buy Carrot, Swede supposed to be used for mashing , Carrot Swede mash. I use them for Soup.

Some supermarkets sell soup mixes.  These are vegetables prepared already to use. 

Potato Leeks, Butternut Squash and Chilli, Vegetable. So on.  Good to have as they can be made and then frozen. Add Stock, Passata. Keep in a tub freezer. Defrost next day.

Any left over take out Potatoes have another Soup  When serving, tastes better usually next day.. Blitz then up and any left as a broth.


In a saucepan add all the veggies, olive oil. Saucepan or Stock pot. Season and add Herbs, Stock, Passata.  Medium heat.

Might not need all the Passata or stock portion for numbers.

For a few minutes then low simmer. Frozen veggies need little cooking as they already blanched quickly then frozen more or less reduces cooking times.

Add drained beans and on a simmer warm through if the beans become mushy adds texture and thickness to a soup.

Done this for lunch today took around twenty minutes.

Add anything else some dried Chillies your Soup. Some other veggies freezer. Peas or Green Beans.

Enjoy every one.


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