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Recorded pip assessor lying but still lost benefits

Johnylee Member Posts: 14 Listener

Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help me, I had a pip assessment last week and I secretly recorded it turns out it was the right thing to do

I have now gone from higher rate daily and higher rate mobility to no daily and standard mobility. Il now receive less than 100 a month

The assessor blatantly lied, she described my upper body movements and said I was fine doing them but the reality is she didnt once ask me to do anything with my arms neck or shoulders and I can be heard saying I struggle to get dressed because of pains in arms and shoulders

I said I cant stand at the sink to wash the said I wash at the sink, she said I walked 20 metres from my seat to the assessment room but it's less than 20 metres. She said I walked 5 minutes from the car park but we didnt park in a car park

She said I have put on weight since my last assessment 2 years ago but how would she know that if shes never seen me before or even had my medical notes, I can be clearly heard saying iv lost a lot of weight because I'm on liquid diet due to severe barrett's oesophagus

I rang pip before a decision had been made and told them about the recording , 4hrs later I rang back they told me their decision which was to not award me what I'd previously been awarded

This is so wrong because a decision has been made on a false representation of me, surely this is fraud. The recording and my report is available to anyone who disbelieves me

What I'd like help with is, first who do I contact in regards to suing her and the dwp / atos, any suggestions for a solicitor?

How would approach a newspaper / tv news?



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