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UC Assessment In Warrington any help ?

Lost Member Posts: 50 Courageous
edited November 2019 in Universal Credit (UC)
Hi guys I have dreaded assessment in warrington about my UC. 

I have requested recorded interview I'm also taking with me 3 page letter from doctors and health proffecional which all state not able to work. 

I have some questions please. 

1. Has anyone attended warrington examination for UC if so where they fair? When I say fair I ment are they actually human and have some sort of feelings, I know whole system is designed to fail people and it's all about targets. ( this is coming from x employees of the maximus ) link here 


Only but bad things to say about working for them so I'm assuming people that do work for them are heartless. 

2. Has anyone ever scored any points from this assessments ? Reason I asked is because from 2005 I have been disabled and my PIP I always passed and always scored points my ESA and more recently UC because we moved to are which is full UC I have failed but always get decision overturned either at MC or Tribunal. 

3. What qualifications do actual examiners hold can they really overturn letters from doctors and other health professionals and deemed you fit for work even thou letter from this proffecionals clearly state you are not ? 

4. At recorded interview can I ask examiners what qualifications they have in medical background because if its recorded I want this to be on recording also can I ask them to read letter out loud for recording which talks about my severe disability so it's all recorded ? 

5. I'm guessing I'm going to fail and score 0 can I request examiner to attend tribunal and give statement and can I mention this in the in interview ask them to provide their full name so that if I need them to attend tribunal I can request them to do so.? 

I hate doing all this but I know system well enough now and I want to put them as much pressure as they put all of us disabled people. 

Thank you


  • Bolton135w
    Bolton135w Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Will reply soon to this friend rang she had her enhanced rate mobility stopped but was given PIP at lower rate, loss of over £150 a month, they have changed component to difficulty walking 20m at enhanced rate. Govt saving again
    ........ Text soon take care, advice assessors watching every move, colour of skin, pale, stressed on day, walking aids yeah or no, speed u walk, how gait, if u r carrying anything, even an umbrella, so take care, my friend went alone calm as a thing but take a friend. Gather as much info as possible, appointments and reports vital, take copies and let the see it. Stay calm nothing to worry about, be honest, with assessments they know who's honest. Good luck! 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,251 Disability Gamechanger
    If the evidence you're sending just states that you're not able to work then this isn't the best evidence to send. The evidence needs to state how your conditions affect you.

    Not all HCP's are heartless, i've never had a bad one for PIP or the work capability assessment. Remember, we will only ever hear the bad stories on any forum. Lots of people are successfully placed into one of the groups without any problems at all.

    I've been in the Support Group for ESA since 2013, had 3 assessments and never had to request an MR for any decision. Whether you're given LCWRA will totally depend on how your conditions affect your ability to do any type of work and this is what they will assess you for. You can see the descriptors for LCW and LCWRA here.

    Substantial risk explained here. https://wcainfo.net/issues/substantial-risk-lcwra

    Yes you can ask the HCP what qualifications they have. I'm not sure about them reading anything out loud, are you asking if they can read your evidence out loud? If so then I'm not sure what use that will be. You should concentrate on answering the questions more than anything else, at least this is what i would do. During all my assessments, i've always been to nervous to think of doing anything else but sit and answer the questions.

    A HCP definitely will not attend any Tribunal and i'm not sure why you think they should. If the worst does happen and you are found fit for work, you need to concentrate on which group you think you should be placed into and your reasons why, not concentrate on the assessment and what happened. Any complaints about any assessment reports should always be sent to the health assessment providers.

    Once you've had the assessment you can ring DWP and request a copy of the assessment report. This will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be because they mostly go with the report. Good luck.

  • Lost
    Lost Member Posts: 50 Courageous
    Hi @poppy123456

    Thank you for you detailed information. 

    My letter from doctor and other health proffecionals clearly states types of disability's I have and how it effects me from day to day as well as all the medications I have to take and all the health professionals I have to see on weekly bases. 

    I don't have specific 1 issue I have several major issues which severely restricts me from day to day activity. I don't want to list every issue that I have as there is no point. 

    Reason I asked about reading out loud because interview is recorded and if several health proffecionals as well as doctors explain in full detail how my disability effects me from day to day I was thinking assessor might not put as much fake and false information in order to fail me. 

    Reason I asked about tribunal I wanted them to explain why they lied on the assessment form. Even in past when I had recorded interview assessor still lied and written down false reports in order to fail me. 

    So I have not had any luck with any assessor which actually listens and puts truth on the forms all assessors I have had used false information in order to fail me. 

    Thank you
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,251 Disability Gamechanger
    The face to face assessment is purely for you to verify what you wrote in the work capability assessment form and to answer any additional questions for the HCP to gather more information. If all claimants expected the HCP to read out loud all the evidence we send then this would increase assessment times and cause even more backlogs than there already is. I wouldn't expect them to read your evidence or mine during the assessment.

    Regarding the HCP attending any Tribunal, i'm afraid this just wouldn't happen and the panel wouldn't expect them to attend because as i advised, when taking it to Tribunal it's definitely not about the lies/contradictions that maybe told in any report. Concentrating on this can seriously weaken anyone's case.

    Hopefully this time everything will be fine and there won't be any reasons for you to have to request the MR but unfortunately, no one can predict either way.

  • Joanne_Alumni
    Joanne_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 188 Pioneering
    Hi @lost,

    It is worth remembering that the HCP is not the decision maker. The report is obviously the main thing used to make the decision, but your paper evidence will also be taken into account if you have sent it with your form.

    HCP's are all qualified nurses, physios, Occupational Therapists or paramedics. Their name will be on the detailed report if you get a copy of it so it would not be useful to ask them about their qualifications during the assessment, and it might start things off on a bad footing!

    I think @poppy123456 is absolutely right that you need to focus on your answers. At least then , if you need to challenge the decision you know that you did everything right!

    Good luck with your assessment and let us know how you get on.


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