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Share your Statutory Sick Pay story

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‘I went back to work before the money dried up’ 

- Sheila 

Scope is campaigning to improve the Statutory Sick Pay system. Because too many disabled people face situations like the above – stuck needing to work while unwell.  

  • Have you needed to take sick leave from work for reasons related to a disability in the past 2 years?  

  • Were you receiving Statutory Sick Pay (which is £94.25 per week)?  

You can help us campaign for change! 

Scope’s campaigns team is looking for storytellers to share their experiences of the Statutory Sick Pay system. Sharing your story can help us campaign to reform Statutory Sick Pay and create a system that is flexible and fair.  

If you’re interested in being a Scope storyteller, please email Scope’s campaigns team [email protected] explaining your experience.  

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