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Hello every one being a cold day and weekend. This one of my favourite ideas for soup.
using stuffed Pasta.

Which I buy from the chiller cabinets supermarket. Freeze and use for Soup.

There are a variety of stuffed Pasta. Included .
Each one has a different shape. Have different fillings. I use the cheese based one Ricotta Spinach or use Mushroom, Cheese.
This recipe very simple.
Pack of Leek, Potato Soup Mix
Vegetable Stock cube or Granules used a pint.
Salt for Pasta used a tablespoon.
Tortellini Pack of Ricotta Spinach

In a saucepan add Olive Oil Soup pack mix. colour a medium heat . Add Stock to cover. Might not use all.
Bring to boil simmer.
Put Pasta on large saucepan water to a boil. Use Kettle .  Tablespoon of salt Add Pasta.
Comes to the surface Fresh Pasta after five minutes drain to Soup simmer warm through
If you so wish blitz this up blender.
Serve with bread.
Makes a light lunch or light supper.
You could use other Soup Mixes, Chilli Butternut Squash or Tomato based Soup with any of the above stuffed Pasta.  Freeze any in Zip bags foe the freezer any Soups.
Sunday Lunch ideas any leftover stock vegetables , boil and blend use the above variety stuffed Pasta. Monday Lunch or Evening meal to use up.
No food waste.
Make it your own.
Enjoy every one.


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