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Granddaughter question

VOB Member Posts: 45 Pioneering
Hi I'm just wondering if any one can help me with a query regarding Benefits.
My granddaughter who is 23 has  EUPD, Asperger's and anxiety.
She has tried a few jobs but due to anxiety found out she was unable to cope.
After her last failed attempt she went on the sick and was producing sick notes this was from April 2018. There were few small gaps in her sick notes where odd days were not covered. Due to her struggling alone she moved from Lincolnshire to Manchester where she ended up living in a hostel.
Eventually she was given a studio flat to live in.
From April 2019 she has sent in continuous sick notes with no gaps.
She gets UC single person £251.77 a month. She does get the housing element on top which pays her rent. By the time she has paid out her bills etc she has barely anything left for food. This brings me to my point. Should she not of had a UC face to face assessment by now?
She was asking repeatedly about it but nothing was being done. Eventually in October 2019 she received the UC50 which her floating support worker filled in with her and it was returned.
The question is Would she have lost out on all those months now because she wasn't sent the UC50 despite requesting it.
I'm not sure how it all works but it's been 14 months that she has been sending in sick notes and has been living basically penny less.
I just think that something is not right here because I have filled out my own UC50 and had my face to face and I wasn't on reduced hours of work until June 2019.
Any ideas on this please.


  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Hello @VOB
    Unfortunately it does seem that some service centres are a lot worse than others and don't always follow the guidance on when they should refer someone for a WCA. 
    As her continued fit notes (with no gaps) began in April 2019, they will use this date to calculate any backpay. LCWRA payment begins after 3 full assessment periods of handing in fit notes, with payment being made after the 4th month. 
    Have either of you managed to find out whether they've received her UC50? Hopefully it won't be too much longer a wait until she receives an assessment date.
    Community Manager

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  • VOB
    VOB Member Posts: 45 Pioneering
    Hi Adrian, thanks so much for that information.  Shes said she didn't receive any notification at all that they had received her UC50. They text me when I sent mine to say that they had received it.
    It's hard because she is in Manchester and I am in Wales so we usually communicate through text. I think she will need to phone the DWP or do you just log it in your UC journal and write it on there?
    Thanks again.
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

    Scope community team

    Hello @VOB. Sorry I didn't spot your reply until now. 
    Has she managed to find out whether her UC50 has been received yet or had any news about an assessment?
    Community Manager

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  • VOB
    VOB Member Posts: 45 Pioneering
    [email protected],
    She actually received her face2face appointment letter on Saturday but unfortunately they wanted to see her on Christmas Eve at 12.30. There is no one to go with her that day so she was in a right panick, I think the appointment has been cancelled now. 
    Will just have to see what happens now. Hopefully they will send her an appointment early in the new year.
    Thanks for asking anyways.,?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,608 Disability Gamechanger
    She thinks it's been canceled? I would advise her to ring the health assessment providers to make 100% sure that it has been canceled. Failure to attend will very likely see her being fit for work and her money will stop.


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