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Health professional attitude and lies

ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
Back in March 2018 when I had my PIP assessment I secretly recorded the assessment. I know it’s illegal and what not. After what happened during the assessment and the subsequent  lies by the nurse I’m glad I did.
i put a complaint into ATOS and was treated like **** even when escalating the complaint. Obviously the managers at ATOS didn’t agree with my version of events. I then took the complaint to the ICE (independent case examiner) in April of 2018.
I had a call from them today and have been told that my complaint is being looked into and if I can let them have the recording which I’m more than happy to as it will expose all the lies that were written by the so called health professional.


  • debsidoo
    debsidoo Member Posts: 325 Pioneering
    edited December 2019
    Hi @ash5896
    Just a reminder to make sure you keep a copy of the recording you send on to them.?
    Good luck with your complaint.Please let us know how you get on.
  • ash5896
    ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
    I will debsidoo I’m so glad that it’s finally being taken seriously. Atos are just pure evil and hopefully it will stop similar incidents in the future 
  • DuffersMum
    DuffersMum Member Posts: 196 Pioneering
    My ATOS assessor also sprouted a load of lies in my assessment...standard practice for that shower it seems.
  • ash5896
    ash5896 Member Posts: 141 Pioneering
    This is it they all lie and then the claimant is the liar in the report. Then we have to jump through hops because of their lies. It’s so wrong and only god knows what more **** we will be put through after the election. 
  • MobileGames
    MobileGames Member Posts: 100 Courageous
    edited December 2019
    @ash5896. [Removed by moderator] I was watching question time yesterday. They stated that more affordable homes are being built and more affordable homes to rent are being built. Well if your benefits are slashed or stopped,how can you afford rent? Discretionary housing payment only helps so much and with all the cuts,they may stop that as well. They've already made cuts to representation services,Welfare Rights being one. And as for bedroom tax. You're paying rent for all of the property, why tax bedrooms? They'll tax you to use the the toilet next! They need to get in the real world and see how much people with physical and mental disabilities struggle from day to day,not being able to repeatedly do tasks such as walking, shopping,housework,gardening,bathing,cooking without having excruating pain,fatigue,nausea or lack of motivation and being anxiety inducing so have to have help either with aids or having someone to do it for them. Not being able to use public transport without aids,a guide dog or someone assisting you. Not being able to use it due to psychological distress due to anxiety. Not being able to undertake a familiar or unfamiliar journey without assistance such as another person,an aid or a guide dog and another person,or not at all due to psychological distress. Not being able to understand complex information due to a learning difficulty or disability so navigating the system and limited services available is very difficult and overwhelming. Not being able to manage toiletry needs without an aid or someone to assist them. Having to use hearing aids,braille,a guide dog,incontinence pads,a bag,a catheter, wheelchair,back brace, crutches,walking stick,grab rails,raised toilet seat,wet room,take pain medicines and vitamins,take antidepressants and anti anxiety medicines,medicines for your stomach or nausea,inhalers,e.t.c. Financially,this all costs people a lot and they need financial assistance and if it's cut or stopped,people struggle and even die. In the end I had to switch the telly off as it was annoying me. Their main topic was of course Brexit! 

    [This post was edited by a moderator to remove text that may be interpreted as breaching political neutrality during a general election period.]


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