Donation Presentation

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a bit of news with you all!

On the 29th November, it was 1 year since my discharge from a specialist neurological rehabilitation centre in Norfolk. These amazing people helped me learn to walk again, learn to write again and just br a bit more independent.

Ewan and I wanted to do something different instead of receiving wedding presents, we asked guests if they would like to kindly donate money to the trust.

We were amazed and overwhelmed with the total of donations received, £300 would go to the physiotherapy department and £300 would go to the occupational therapy department.

I made an announcement that each year on 29th November, we will donate £600, if not more.

We just wanted to give back to those that have changed my life.

If you would like to read more, you can read this article on their website! :)