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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
edited December 2019 in Mental health and wellbeing
Hello everyone, this post thought I write. Concern care as part of my role.

Community champion see so many post members coming on with Mental Health issues and the then the issues of claiming benefits.

Often setting off either anxiety or distress or other symptoms.

Can not cope find there not getting any support, advice, guidance with issues. Any problems.

I do understand have and do recognise many mental health community members are struggling.

As I have lots of experience, knowledge, education from the charities, council services and much more.

Including addiction, histories drug issues and the associated problems with medications.  Have lot of information, advice on anything diet, nutrition.

Thought share my thirty years of knowledge some insights.

Help those understand some of the issues, also talk about reasons why .You need to access support and reasons why often discharged.

A common issue I had this myself.

My first suggestion is to always contact your GP.

Discuss options, choices.

Every time used Mental Health Charities.  Have used them all the time, once Council Services.

These three

You can self refer, offer the following, floating support, advice, guidance on benefits, well being.

Including sleep, nutrition. Other aspects of health those with addiction histories a lot of support.

When apply they discuss with how they can help. You have a say, ask any questions.

Set  a plan in place for you, reviews every so often they  will discuss with you length of contract, all depends on circumstances.

The whole ideas of any care plan is for you to cope on your own.

Give the education, knowledge to cope.  By monthly meetings.

Fail to do this, say no, refuse to comply.  Have no choice to discharge you.  Will send reminders, telephone.

Reasons are staff over worked under paid, plus every one who leaves another number to take his or her place.

Failure to help yourself another decision to consider termination.

Discharge happens, my circumstances by E mail.

Costs a lot of money, time to fund those wishing to have recovery, cope with their issues.

Charities are strapped for cash, reason when I suggest contacting please do straight away.

It is a business has over heads about costs, branches close.

I moved five times in a lot of times to be near support.  Not in my areas. Had to move.

Support workers mine had seeing fifteen people a fortnight, using communications. Email or other means.  SKYPE latest one.

One charity enrolled with gave me a laptop.

One suggestion I add is to contact the charities listed on any member who has mental health many reasons.

The main one makes a lot of differences to your claiming benefits and the support.

They provide, floating support team in the charity.

All staff are trained to help you fill in forms attend assessments.  Speak on your behalf, send enclose reports with any applications.

Show you first, any changes adapt.

Signposting to any relevant outside organisations, offer support job centres attend any meetings.

With signing, reviews, so on.

Mentioned RETHINK this is advocate charity.  Have problems, issues Doctor not listening. Do not know who to turn to.  Advocate speak on your behalf, before meeting you discussing your needs.  What you wish to say, they do make a difference.

Useful with any NHS services Mental Health.  

I had support worker intervene speak to DWP.  My own circumstances.

Why I need to say consider applying,  please something you need to think about.

Know am grateful use the tools to help me but others in my community here.

Have some bad days but use what I learnt to cope.

Thank you reading.

Please any questions be happy to answer.



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