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6 Tips for Managing Your Menstrual Cycle With Cerebral Palsy

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When you have cerebral palsy, dealing with the challenges and obstacles of having a menstrual cycle every month can lead to increased spasms in your limbs or overall muscle tightness and pain. Of course, this can be stressful. Here some tips that may be helpful.

1. Find the menstrual product(s) that work well for you. Finding a product that works best for your body and your needs.

2. Get as much rest as possible. For many people with cerebral palsy, their bodies tend to become stiffer during that time of the month. In order to reduce the pain, it’s best to rest and minimize stress.

3. Listen to your favourite genre of music. Listening to your favourite music can be a great distraction and help to relax your body.

4. Try not to do a task that makes you overwhelmed and stressed out. When you’re on your menstrual cycle it’s important to watch the tasks you do and do your best not to become stressed.

5. Try breathing techniques. Breathing techniques can be helpful during the menstrual cycle. It is suggested that breathing in and out three times before and after each cramp can help.

6. Use a heating pad. Heating pads are very useful in reducing discomfort. When the cramps get too much, place a heating pad on your stomach and that reduces the pain for a few minutes.

Having to deal with a menstrual cycle is a pain in the neck. With cerebral palsy, it can be even harder, but I hope these tips will make it easier to manage.

Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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