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disabled community business/ project

icarus Member Posts: 31 Courageous
hi all -I just listened to a program on bbc radio4 about a group of disabled folk who ran a brewery . 
         lets take their idea as a starting point and make a new business venture
         I would suggest a specialist distillery producing herbal liquers 
can start small scale, very labour intensive
i could get all the equipment built,  design the whole plant 
start production  handing over to the many people with more expertise than myself
just look at what is involved
creation of herb garden
harvesting,drying? preserving? storing?-making and using own built equipment
flavour extraction  boiling? distilling? alcoholic extraction? collect and build equipment
brewing-- alcohol production effect of different yeasts fermentation
distillation production of strong spirit 
mixing infusing? blending of different herbs?
packaging marketing sales 
until we had a premises the equipment could be packed in a trailer as a pop up distillery 
distilleries have the advantage over breweries that as their product is a much smaller bottle and much more expensive so  small is financially viable 

but lets have some ideas for other business ventures we could run !!!!!!!!!!!!

probably work well as a co-operative  involve lots of people  


  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Great idea Icarus ...I have loads of experience making different beers and also ( shhhhhhhh) I make my own vodka ,rum and whisky ? I used an old pressure cooker of mine to make a still ...not enough spirit for the amount of work so it would at least need to be a five gallon pressure keg ( old beer kegs are fine for that purpose) ..a fewof months ago I made a beautiful rosy wine ...meat to be 10% proof...I used polish yeast ( super yeast) and it turned out just over 33% proof . family and friends loved it . I also made stout ( which was really meant to be Guinness..   but it ended up the double of sweetheart stout . I have five gallons of that ...but it's nearly 14% proof ( polish super yeast again . ?
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @icarus   sorry to be negative am a reformed alcoholic spent most of the time on here.

    Helping members with mental health and addiction, a programme business venture not using alcohol.

    I would set up a business not promoting alcohol the reverse the health risks, the dangers, the harm the ripples it caused.

    Hurting, harming families and loved ones constantly dealing with that day to day and I am not even a professional therapist or councillor.

    Just a gent been clean thirteen years. 

    Have done business for over ten years and now think it is not easy as your thinking.

    I was different then now been aware anything set up so many problems, issues any business now.

    Dragon Den marvellous programme but is a know fact that a large percentage of businesses fail first year.

    Over heads costs VAT duty on products, staff wages , estimate the first years costs.

    Just let you know have a business brain often worked with others business being a hired staff clueless no ideas head else where.

    Had tears, tantrums, violent outbursts and much more because I am critical of those who have these ideas it will work they add.

    No business plan no budgets no spreadsheets no marketing not a clue.

    I had was successful after ten years addiction, stress and other issues came the head, then the problems really started.

    Mr Accountant who I employed conned deceived me and used the wrong tax codes, I know a bummer . Spent sold everything to pay Mr Taxman off and lost valuable collections of things I amassed.

    Then they found my bank account  I had a secret one and that was emptied too.

    I ended up one suitcase of clothes at a College started life again, thing all ideas are not good ones.

    Those people set up a brewery good for them but the current climate, economic  situation this Government ruins the small business not encourages it.

    See so many former friends who were doing business do doing employment and jobs or getting degrees new paths and journeys.

    Good memories experiences do it again no thanks.

    Good luck to your venture not for me.



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  • icarus
    icarus Member Posts: 31 Courageous
    hi yes alcohol can be afoul poison we would ensure on risk assessment you couldnt drink it whilst working or nick it from work r i have run several businesses and been self employed many years since i ate my p45  i  chose liquers as so expensive as to be not viable for alcoholics 
    i am sure there are many more useful viable business ideas out there any ideas  please!!!!!!!
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Thank you for sharing this @icarus, there certainly needs to be more work opportunities for disabled people.

    Have you heard of BECO? They are a soap company that employ disabled people, but the aim is to get other employers to hire them. They have called it #StealOurStaff and share what profession their staff would like to go into.


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