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I use Italian Brands Napolina  being the main one.

I add to this any Vegetables from the Freezer, make it easy for myself.

Nothing wrong using a good quality sauce, useful to have.

Understand it is great time saver.


You need a bag of ready cooked Large King Prawns.  I bought a small bag of 350 g.
One jar Napolina Chilli and Tomato Pasta Sauce you will not use all of this
One third cup of Peppers frozen.
Already diced, frozen great time saver and useful.
One teaspoon Fennel Seeds.

In Italian Fish Cooking Fennel  Seeds and Oregano used a lot if you wish to add please do.

I added in one Teaspoon, not any Oregano , you can very powerful.

Half a Teaspoon, be enough.

Half cup per Person of Whole meal Pasta.

Whole meal pasta good and full of fibre makes this meal filling.


In large Pyrex Casserole Bowl add a Portion Of Pasta.  This the new way for me to do Pasta, as it is for me a singleton.

Takes five minutes microwave on high, drain and serve to sauce.

If you cooking for numbers in a large pan on the hob.

Salted water to cover, use one tablespoon , per portion Pasta.

Add jar of Sauce to a bowl rinse out residues.  To the bowl can be slightly thick so this thins the sauce a little.

You just need to coat Pasta not drenched.

Add ladle or adjust to sauté pan add Peppers, Prawns and drained Pasta mix.

Sauce is cooked so just warmed through no problem a simmer. 

Done this Recipe Sunday night am tired easy to do.

Replace Prawns with Seafood Mix, contains cooked Muscles, Prawns, Squid.

Any sauce left over having that to night .

Seafood Mix with Penne.

You can buy Salmon cooked Hot Smoked, Pieces and others , just flake in.

Done this with good quality tin Tuna.  In Olive Oil.


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