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Gout and best dietary requirements.

gaz1960 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
Hi,anyone  suffer from gout,or has suffered from it,and which foods and drinks did you find most effective to help? 


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 2020
    Hello @gaz1960         Thank you for sharing sorry to hear this.

    I have nutrition and diet qualifications.  One of the team of community champions.

    Following should be included. Fresh vegetables, Fruit. Plenty of water.

    Green leafy vegetables Spinach, Broccoli and Kale.

    Tinned Cherries, useful to add. Or Frozen defrosted.

    Leeks and Celery as they are used in conjunction in any diet as they are anti inflammatory and reduce swelling. 

    Lose weight,  purines in following foods to be avoided.

    Shell fish, Offal, Poultry including game meats., Anchovies, Sardines, Pulses.

    Purines increase uric acid in the body causes pain and discomfort.

    Low Purine foods include Eggs, Dairy.

    Others include no alcohol no smoking and no caffeine. in chocolate, coffee and tea and cola.

    Certain pain killers Aspirin can be harmful increases retention of uric acid.

    Ibuprofen can be used.

    With any diet or nutritional advice speak to your GP.

    Please hope that helps you.

    Please take care


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  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    I love tomatoes and last year ( with a new type of fertiliser) I had a prolific crop (hundreds of tomatoes) , someone said that tomatoes are bad for gout sufferers . Can you verify or decry that advice please Spiceman? 
    Thank you .
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Seanchai   Thank you for the mention my friend.

    Tomatoes should not be a problems, the only time is some people susceptible to ulcers of the mouth or cause headaches a enzyme in the tomato.

    All tomatoes tinned, fresh and any variety, Passata or plum, Cherry so one should be eaten.

    Contains Lycopene which is cancer preventing and antibacterial .

    Why the countries of the Med and others is an essential use in the diet.

    My advice got a glut the Tomato Pasta Sauce this one .  Freeze in zip bag labelled.


    You need one stock pot one boiling kettle a knife. Bowl .


    Tomatoes use one pound in weight.

    one Onion diced.

    Handful Basil.  Torn .

    Salt, Pepper to taste.


    With a knife cut a cross in each tomato plunge in to stock pot boiling water.

    10 seconds remove slotted spoon remove skin comes off .

    Diced tomatoes olive oil to stockpot season add lid simmer 30 to 40 mins.

    Add Basil .Turn off heat .

    Use blender finer sauce or use with Pasta or blender freezer .

    You can use Garlic dried Oregano or fresh Parsley if you wish.

    You can buy strong Zip clip bags from Amazon.

    Hope that helps.

    Please take care.


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  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Thanks Spiceman ....I love my tomatoes and when I offered a bag to my neighbours two doors down they said that tomatoes are the worst thing for gout , ( i know he suffers from it as i often see him limping around his garden , i will ask if he is ok and he will reply" " "just the gout Gerry " ...he knows I suffer from it as well and we both take allopurinol tablets to alleviate it ...but it usually affects me in winter so I did not think it was tomatoes to blame . 
    I wll keep your recipes Spiceman,  you must dona fair bit of cooking as you certainly " know your onions" ..in a manner of speaking . 
    I tried to grow garlic a few times but nope , I just can,t seem to do so , so I have never tried to grow other herbs ...but I will give it another shot this year . You make those dishes of yours sound very tasty . ??
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 2020
    Hello @Seanchai   Thank you for the kind words much appreciative .

    Understand there is a lot on line including this charity. Has a lot on diet and nutrition.


    Please have a look, also consider looking at the diet, nutrition you are taking.

    Make a diary always foods that help or hinder.

    Build up of Uric Acid is something you need to be aware of.

    Purines can effect the well being of your body and the systems.

    Plenty of the food I often eat the Med diet is something I do insist others have a look.

    Add to that thank you for saying their tasty, they are.

    Colourful, cheap and cost not a lot. Freezer friendly.

    Something to consider if you struggling for money have a lot of financial problems, few ingredients.

    Less is more as the saying goes.

    Last night did Slow Cooker Chicken with White Bean ragu simple easy and you can adapt that.

    I have to admit no not ever use other meats Chicken, Turkey Sausages. That is it.

    All that is White Beans many vary recipes.

    Tins White Beans Cannellini or Butter Beans buy Italian Brands better quality yes a few pence more. Supermarket brands not good in my opinion.

    Tomatoes, Pulses Beans buy either Tinned Italian brands .  Or in case of pulses buy dried remember to soak over night on line big bags cost nothing.

    One other point buy Rice, Pasta, on line cheaper get big buys bulk buys.

    Give an example Napolina Pasta whole meal. 6 in a pack works out 64p each pack 500g.

    Supermarket one bag 500g £1.50.

    Jars of Passata, Onions, Italian Dried Herbs a teaspoon.

    That is it, add in stock cube cheaper on line.

    Big Boxes 20 in a pack.

    To that any veggies could add Carrots I buy frozen , main big problems now.

    Have you noticed, if you have not you soon will.

    Costs rising, due to possible BREXIT.  Plus one other important one, produce is going off.

    I buy used to Peppers, Carrots, Onions all went and seem to become not off but lose their condition.

    Ended up freezing batches of Tomato Sauce for Pasta with the above veggies.

    Use Tin foil containers on line again, pleasant Sunday making sauces, soups radio on.

    Please have a look at this website it is the best thing ever.

    If you have limited budgets.

    I speak occasionally to friends in the States by Email there are amazed how we shop.

    Because of vast distances not worth doing various trips.  One big one bulk buys.

    Discounted a lot and will deliver.

    I have and since buy lots on line, only thing I buy is my milk and other goodies for fridge, freezer once every three weeks or might be every fortnight.

    Helps to have stock cupboard full.

    My thoughts are supermarkets do a good role but becoming some and many items fruit and veg becoming not good quality and we fall for it.

    I do believe refrigeration and long storage are to blame.

    Apples are picked and stored then cooled refrigeration ensues.  When ready to sell the seasons or leave till wanted.

    Then to supermarkets reason you buy them go condition wise not good.

    I used to visit Greengrocers great produce over priced expensive, not cheap.

    Stopped that.

    Look at this AMAZON pantry you be amazed.


    Other one I use 


    For nuts, seeds, spices and anything like dried fruit bargains and do discount on various items. Spend a certain amount.

    Worth buying those .

    Please do some research some time on line, often sign up.

    Do debit card, discounts on bulk buys. Plus schemes you can sign up to avoid delivery charges.

    Prime account Amazon, long time ago.

    Signed up to.

    One other point if you want an expanding bank account see your balance rise, I would seriously look at these websites.

    Got a call from a friend a while ago unbelievable.

    They spent over £80 or maybe more at one of the supermarkets.

    Foods, toilet, household . Foods all gone by a week.

    Rang me up asking for a lot of advice and guidance, took them around . Shown them to shop how to be sensible . Be practical use on line and much more.

    Did I get thanks of course not got rid of them, still went back to old ways.

    No one realises what is going on, I do.

    Understand unless your working or volunteering food industry you see what has and is going on.

    Worked in a few warehouses one of the major supermarkets.  Opening my eyes.

    Our country is a mixed ethnic races all have their own shops worth a visit.

    Chinese, Indian, Italian the legendary deli.  Polish ones fantastic.  Cheaper good customer service, pleasant lovely people.

    Hope this helps, wish you well.


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  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    Yep , there are some lovely tasting ( cheap) dishes out there ....I don,t drive now and the days of going around picking various shops for various products are gone . ....having said that , my son is great for taking my wife shopping any time she ( we) need anything . So my wife usually shops in the likes of Aldi ....where things are pretty cheap ...but we have found that what you say is spot on , for an extra few pence it's better to get Italian brands for pasta sauces ...
    ( we eat quite a lot of pasta ).. and I like rice whereas my wife prefers noodles , so we always have cupboards full of pasta and rice , and the freezer full of various dishes . I noticed the big named supermarkets are slowly dropping prices , I used to live lurpak butter but tyere is no way I would ( or could) justify paying the price of a tub of lurpak so we started buying a brand called Norpak ( out of aldi) and it's quite nice really ....but i see lurpak coming down in price . Gone are the days when we used to walk around supermarkets and put in the basket the things we want without checking prices ...and I believe most people are watching prices before they put them in their basket. My wife and I love M&S but the prices are to high I believe for a " normal " shop ...although my grandaughter works in M&S part time (She is at uni in Edinburgh ) ...but we got a 20% discount card and any cheapie's we get a further discount with our family card?...although we stay up in the hills so shopping as we wish is pretty hard these days , our family work hard ( my youngest son is a manager in logistics  for a huge supermarket ) and he keeps his eye on prices of food.
    We got a present of one of those revolving spice racks with about 20 or more various spices on it ...so that is really handy for pasta and rice dishes ?
    Please keep those lovely recipes coming Spiceman,  I love trying various things in our various dishes . ??
    " Variety is the spice of life " ?
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Seanchai    My friend thank you.

    Hope the gout website is informative.

    Thank you for kind words and comments.

    I am as you do know always promoting the virtues if being sensible and practical.

    Not rocket science and not hard to do, unfortunately not every one has got the messages.

    Hopefully the plethora of supermarket programmes on TV people will see themselves.

    Any of the supermarkets offering on line services in my opinion a god send a blessing.

    Your lucky got family in the industry .

    Know of ALDI and LIDL will they be doing on line shopping, I think so.

    Get a lot of foodie mags, looks like OCADO being another one to be in the on line shopping market, too expensive and not around here.

    Too much of a risk not too.  Love the brands the shops but get tired .

    Going around.

    TESCO for me like the delivery drivers many recognise me. Kind, supportive, need someone to talk to.

    Thank you once again anything I can help with please ask, anything.

    Pleasure to talk to you.

    Please take care, Bon appetite or Bueno Appetito.


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  • gaz1960
    gaz1960 Member Posts: 242 Pioneering
    Having only recently been having trouble with gout,its been five weeks now,and experimenting with which foods i can eat,and which foods to avoid. Unfortunately, having read a lot online,on different sites, what can be a gout safe food for someone, isn't necessarily safe for someone else. 
    Plus,having been on three different types of anti inflammation tablets, over the past few weeks, none of which have helped,but a complete change of eating certain foods has helped a lot. Some of  the foods it is said to abstain from, I'm ok with,and yet other foods that should be safe,trigger the gout. 
    Been eating so much salad,minus tomatos, which does act as a trigger, and which i tend to grow lots of on my allotment, I've grown pointy ears and a fluffy tail,and my nose twitches! :)

    Cereal,fresh blackberries, blueberries, black grapes ,cherries,low fat greek yogurt and almond milk seem to be able to keep the uric levels down for me. 

    Cabbage,sprouts  and french green beans are ok. 

    Broccoli, cauliflower, peas are off my list,as they are triggers for me. And seems as if most vegan foods have these in them! 

    Vegan sausages and burgers ect, I've got to say, after trying them,and cutting out meat,they are yuk! 

    I seem to be ok with chicken and duck meat. 

    I miss steak and bacon. :/

    Each day,adding one thing different to try food wise,to see if i am ok with it. 

    Again,Unfortunately, side effects from the heart tablets i take, cause a build up of uric acid in the kidneys, and that is what has caused the gout. 
    Regular blood tests at the doctors for kidney functions have always been borderline, next blood text in eight days time. This will be the first time of actually checking uric acid levels,as gout has never been a problem before. 

    Have ordered a "Gout,home testing kit". 

    It also checks cholesterol as well. Mines always around 3.2. 

    As long as the level of uric acid stays below  a certain level, the gout is manageable,and the acid crystals dissolve and new crystals do not form. 

    Past few days have been almost gout free,still a slight throbbing in the big toe, but swelling gone down.  

    Sketchers trainers are brilliant for anyone who suffers from gout. Although i had to buy a  bigger size than usual  when my gout started making my toe swell,but well worth buying.  

  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited February 2020
    Hello @gaz1960      Please have you contacted this Organisation.? 


    Has a lot of health and information advice.

    Please use an exclusion diary , means make a entry any foods that effect you.

    You could buy Cherries frozen and defrost them over night.  Add Yoghurt or Fromage Frais another low purines dairy product.

    With the other Berries touch of Cinnamon and Honey.

    I have given some advice to another member but is only advice by excluding and make adaptions to your diet, nutrition might help the situation.

    On line there always going to be marketing products to entice spending your money.

    On other speak to Community Health Unit. Local County Council where you reside.

    I used them for addiction and even though had expertise , knowledge always an education  to know more.

    Please take care.


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