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Hell every one this is for all you fans of Minestrone.

You will need the following.

One large stockpot.

One knife one chopping board. One measuring Jug. One Bowl.


One medium Chicken.

Frozen vegetables one cup of each Onions, Leeks, Carrots, Butternut Squash Spinach

Pack of Celery sticks I used four diced up roughly.

One Tin drained Potatoes.  Diced up.

One Tin of Mixed Pulses One Tin of Chickpeas.

Stock cube two chicken ones made up to a Pint.

Passata jar 500g or 690g.

Spices Chilli one teaspoon.
Herbs dried Rosemary Thyme.

Note you could add a good quality jar of Pasta sauce with Chillies in it.

Napolina or any Italian brand.

Macaroni to add later used Microwave a half a cup.  Drained . Use  of those casserole Pyrex dishes better than big Pasta pot of your a single gent like me having trouble lifting Pans.

Add to your soup bowl then add Soup poured over.

You could make ahead , add a portion to a microwave for five minutes on high add a portion of Macaroni microwaved and drained.


Oven on add  cup of frozen Leeks and Onions sit Chicken on add stock.  Spices and herbs. Use Italian mix if you wish to.

 150 Degrees long slow for an hour .

You if have a fan or gas adjust timings. You do not need to cook this on a high heat as your going to use stockpot on the hob.

Remove from Oven on to a chopping board or any heat proof surface.

Used Oven gloves remember.

Be careful.  

Let Chicken cool down and shred legs, thighs any bits back in to stockpot.

Breast meat that is another meal freeze cool down first tin foil freezer. Used that for Sunday Pasta salad or sandwiches.

On hob add frozen veggies rest of and tins of pulses, Potatoes.

Simmer a couple of hours.

Microwave portion Macaroni not got any thing use broken up Spaghetti or even my favourite cheat.

Good quality Spaghetti in a tin hoops or straight trust me brilliant and why not.

Use with bread.

Lots left over freeze my new thing tin foil containers get these on line from Amazon 50 in a pack small ones.  With lids.

Back ground story of interest . Those who might be interested this time of year this is a healthy soup good for sniffles, colds and to spice up you life..

I had a neighbour who used to come around signs of me cooking wafting over the estate the door being open would be standing there.

Her of a mature  years never heard of any of the recipes making. I making Ragu . One time.  Who agoo she uttered lol  no Ragu I said . 

What is that ?   Tomato based sauce. Another time made Mushroom Risotto and added Rice as your tea something wrong with you. Risotto is that Rice Pudding with vegetables. lol..

Or other gems having Dinner I told her . Dinner what at lunch time, no Dinner evening meal night time, Oh Thought you a weird man. lol.

I asked 12 o'clock is Lunch time you just mentioned it, I know need to say we not snobby like you . That is Dinner time . You have to smile.

Must add never ever thought had a neighbour taking a keen interest in my cooking, must be the apron. lol..

Asked about this soup do vary ones this one other I do.

Do one with a lot of spices, any way.

Gave her the spicy one, had not seen her for a few days.

Saw her eventually how are you?  I enquired. ?

That soup I thought no been and made my neighbour ill.  No she said love that soup me and my partner well she whispered sort sent me and him in to a glow and sort of things came to a head lol  you know she winked.

There you go those in relationship this is the soup for you lol.

Now you know why Italians love Minestrone. lol.

Enjoy every one .

Thank you for reading.


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