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Therapy Horses for Adults and Children with ASD, ADHD, SAD, Depression, Anxiety...

Franstrahan Member Posts: 898 Pioneering

My second visit. First a bit about the horses. Jake is not a Welsh Cob as I posted last week, hes a Gypsy Cob or Irish Cob. Tammy, the 900kg one, is a Normandy Cob. Both the ponies are Dartmoor ponies. Bree is Mike's wifes dressage horse, and Magnolia is horse-in-waiting for that role. Shes only 9 months old. The ponies, Tammy and Charlie are all rescues. Charlie had been ill treated. Jake and Ebony are rehomed rather than rescues.  When they first got Charlie he was frightened of brooms. I was stroking him today and leaned against the fence. It creaked, and he bolted up the field. The noise frightened him. He came back to me though. That's him in the photo above, and here's another of him below.

When the land dries out in the spring/summer we will be working the horses outdoors. Having a horse walk ahead of you, guiding her on two long reins. A bit like carriage riding without the carriage! Another is having the horse on a single long rein, and getting her to circle you. Both sound like fun, but will require a lot of concentration.
I was hoping to be leading one of the ponies today. Here they are, Pepsi and Toffee.

The Dartmoor Ponies.
Started off today grooming my old friend Jake. Then I got to lead Bree, the dressage horse! They got her into the barn and we did a couple of circuits or three, then I took her back out and led her back into her field. Brilliant! Apparently Bree is very gentle and well behaved, and they let even the smallest children lead her. Next week Bree and I are going to do the obstacle course together. I'm sure she'll get me round safely.

Bree and me (that's me on the right)
Isn't she gorgeous?! (The horse)



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