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for those who dont know what ldn is its low dose Naltrexon in its full strength form its used in some cases of overdoses and to help alcoholics, in low doses it was found to boost the immune system helping many patients with conditions like  ME. FIBRO, PARKINSONS, IBS , COLITIS etc  to heal , unfortunately even with its excellent safety record even safe enough for pregnant women , theres no money in it for a medical company to test it for use in these conditions , so you can only get it thru a private prescription which i did for 14 months ,but then i wanted to try cbd  and i couldnt afford both ,  i have since read that cbd and ldn work together well esp treating inflammation , i am super sensitive to medications and i had no trouble at all with it and most people dont because of its low dose  , i had it in drop form and started on one drop and worked up to 6 ,in most cases its 9 but that had a reverse effect on me , we are all different , but dose anyone agree that this medication should be on NHS PRESCRIPTION , and offered to people who want to try it , pregablan and tramadol  and other fibro meds all have nasty side effects and i could walk into the surgery and get them just like that , And if a private doctor will prescribe it after a consultation with you ,than its unfair people are held hostage and kept sick because they cant afford it . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmUa2gL2Adk this is a you tube vid of dr chris steel talking about ldn .


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