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Hello every one just arrived the other day my new kitchen gadgets and tools to help me in the kitchen.

Bought a Nutribullet blender absolutely an amazing piece of kitchen equipment.

Understand been looking for gadgets, tools to help me and this is wonderful.

I make a lots of meals using Italian sauces, Ragu and others for Pasta to freeze.

So it a saving of time and marvellous.

Easy to assemble, and easy to use.

Old days bought blender, when empty had to unscrew every thing and then a rubber ring.

This has a sealed unit, screw on tight turn up side down and clip on.

Turn left and press down in half a minute ingredients you added in a sauce.

The modern way now no bits pieces vegetable in a sauce all blitzed up.

To create a sauce with the ingredients blitzed up.

One thing is useful for smoothies and hiding vegetables in a sauce for children.

Hope those who interested in food and cooking get one, it is not cheap not expensive.

Around £60 AMAZON will have to change blades every six months or so.

Remember this is useful for any left over vegetables any meals make a sauce a freeze.

In tin foil container labelled saves a lot of wastage, good environment and do we need to be putting and throwing away food if we can use it up.

I use also Pasta Sauces Italian brands add to a blender with sundried tomatoes or Pepper some times a jar of Pesto.

Thank you for reading.


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