Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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After 12 months

HI, hoping someone can offer assistance and help control my anxiety. I have been on ESA since May due to depression and severe anxiety. I had t quit work. I was assessed for Universal Credit and whilst they agreed I ws unfit for work till end of this year, I was not entitled to any UC due to my wife earning (not a huge amount, but we  have learnt to cope on one salary) anyway, I realise after a year I will no longer receive ESA payments, based on my current state and ongoing treatment, returning to work  that soon is very slim.  Question (sorry for taking so long) after the 12 months, am I still entitled to claim prescriptions etc? Money is tight and hoping I am not expected to have to pay for medication with less money coming in. Any advice would be appreciated thanks again


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    You ESA claim will be New style ESA which is contributions based. This doesn't allow you free prescriptions/dental or eye tests. As your UC payment is also reduced to zero because of household income then you won't be entitled based on a UC claim.

    Depending on household Income then you may qualify for the NHS low Income scheme, if you do then you'll need to fill out a form and wait for them to make a decision. Details here. https://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/nhs-low-income-scheme

    If you have ticked the box for ESA and claimed free prescriptions then you could potentially be fined if they check.

    Regarding your ESA are you in the WRAG (LCW) or are you waiting for an assessment?

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    Hi @AndyLambert, I hope @poppy123456 has been able to answer your question. If there is anything else then please do let us know. :)
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