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adult swimming buoyancy aids...any help gratefully received :)

Hi all
I wondered if anyone could advise...I can't stay afloat in water unsupported but can manage with a (very fashionable and grown up) Dora the Explorer little swim ring around my chest. We are going to a water park and sadly they don't allow things like rings there, even diddy kiddo ones like mine. They are happy to lend you a life jacket but they are big basic foam ones that don't fit me well and float up around my chin so I feel like Uncle Fester! I've started looking at Impact Buoyancy Vests that are designed for surfers and are an adjustable snug fit (and I can try and rock the sporty surfer look haha) but I don't know how well they may work for me, and its a lot of cash (about £85) to waste if they don't. I've got a certain amount of upper body strength, and a tiny amount of leg strength as long as I stay standing depth in pools but just can't keep any balance against the movement of the water. I'm wondering what kind of buoyancy aids anyone else has found that I may be allowed to use so I can also enjoy water slides etc while I am there? Thanks for reading 😊


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