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Adult bib or feeding?

rpd123 Community member Posts: 8 Listener
edited March 2020 in Cerebral palsy
Hi guys I know I just posted but I had one more question:

I am beginning to see my disability differently in terms of feeding. Last year I didn’t care what I would look like and sometimes I would roll around my college in dirty clothes from eating.

 I am beginning to realize that dirty clothes are not the most attractive feature on anyone, especially at work. I’m wondering if I should get an adult bib or have someone feed me my food. I don’t know why but my instinct tells me that I should have someone feed me on the days I work and then use a bib the rest of the time. However, I have gotten some disapproving opinions from some people  but I want to have some thoughts as well.

I promise I will help other people on here as well.


  • Richard_Scope
    Richard_Scope Posts: 3,614 Scope online community team
    edited February 2020
    Hi @rpd123
    I sometimes use kitchen roll or a napkin. Personally, I wouldn't like to wear and adult bib or be fed by somebody. If you feel that this would make your life easier then you should pursue it by all means.
    Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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  • WestHam06
    WestHam06 Community member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,396 Pioneering
    Hi @rpd123,
                         Remember this is a place to ask questions so please don't worry, ask away. Personally, I always have a piece of kitchen roll with me so that I am able to wipe my mouth when I have taken a mouthful. Also, this can be tucked into the top my top to prevent it from dropping onto my top. By doing this, I am able to maintain my independence and continue to feed myself and feel comfortable in doing this. I also use adaptive cutlery which has been a great help to me. However, you must do what makes you feel the most comfortable and what makes you life easier. Hope this helps. Thank you. 
  • emmarenshaw
    emmarenshaw Community member Posts: 710 Pioneering
    edited February 2020
    Hi @rpd123

    It’s completely up to you. I use napkins for messier food as I’m covered either way. But you need to do what’s right for you. 


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