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'work capability assessment process'

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Until recently I was on ESA (due to pain from extreme scoliosis). I came off it for a brief period and went back into the work place, but the pain proved too much. I got told I now had to go on Universal Credit and, at the same time, was given a 6-week sicknote by my GP. When on ESA, all I had to do was upload my sicknote on the Internet. But the jobcentre tell me I have to bring it in because I also have to "go through the work capability assessment process". As I understand it, this is not a medical assessment by a medical person, as you would have with ESA, so what is it? It seems counter productive for me to make a 15-mile roundtrip on a bus with my pain. Moreover, there is apparently something called "New style ESA". If instead of Universal Credit I was on that, is it similar to the 'old' ESA, in that I wouldn't have to attend the jobcentre whilst I had a sicknote? If so, how do I get myself on it? 


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 9,210 Disability Gamechanger
    Welcome to the community, I can answer some of your question but not the ESA new style bit.

     You do have to submit your sick notes to job centre when on UC as well as entering on your journal but this can be done by post if in agreement. 
    It is down to your work coach about attending appointments they can be done over the phone if you have a empathetic work coach. Maybe you should discuss this with yours.

    Once you have sent in sick notes for a period (not sure how long) you will be sent forms to complete in order to start the assessment process for your capability for work to start. Then no doubt will have a f2f assessment and then a decision will be made either finding you fit for work, or limited capability for work (no additional payment) or limited capability for work and work related activity (additional payment ). Hope this helps

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    HI and welcome.

    To add to the excellent advice already given by @janer1967 once you've sent your fit note your work coach should refer you for the work capability assessment in about 29 days BUT this doesn't always happen that quick and you may need to ask them to refer you. Once referred you will receive the work capability assessment forms and then the process is exactly the same as ESA was.
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