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Wow! Super fast!

anisty Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
I phoned dwp for a copy of my son's pip assessment report around 1.30pm on monday of this week (9th march) and, less than 48hrs later it is here!

So it looks like they are recommending 20 points daily care and 12 on mobility. He avoided f2f but they have made a phone call to his support worker.

There are one or two things in there that arent right but, in the main, it is good. Looks like recommending for 5 yr review.

The one bit that is really inaccurate and i dont understand why they have done this: on one of the last pages (the same page they say 5 yr review) 

"The claimant has a mental, intellectual or cognitive impairment and may need additional support to comply with future claim processes, they have indicated 'no'

Does this mean they are advising he no longer needs an appointee?

@poppy123456 thank you so much for suggesting i phoned for the report. Im so glad i did!


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,575 Disability Gamechanger
    Despite some things not being quite right it sounds like it will be good news and Enhanced for both parts, which is more than you thought he's entitled to. It's very rare for them to go against the report but of course you'll still need to wait for the decision to be made.

    No, that doesn't mean they are saying that he doesn't need an appointee. Although i'm unsure exactly what it means but my daughters both reviews were also ticked with a no and i'm her appointee.
  • anisty
    anisty Member Posts: 173 Pioneering
    Yes, i thought he should only get standard on mobility - it is similar to the preparing a meal one for my son, that mobility one. As if anything is too hard, he just says 'no' 

    And I, being a bit of an over thinker (!) , have been trying out all kinds of things to try and find out why he is so limited in these 2 areas because he CAN do about 5 practised routes and he CAN make up a pack of supernoodles safely but we just cant get him moved forward at all.

    But i did put that he can do these things on the form and was completely honest about the things he can do as well as what he cant.

    I gave them the information exactly as it is and this is what they have made of it so im happy to leave that to their judgement.

    Interestingly, they awarded points for dressing too where i said no problem. I was pleased with that as i made a genuine mistake there and hoped to clear it up at f2f as he isnt great at changing into clean clothes and does prefer the same outfit whatever the weather.

    It seems like my son has been super fortunate in getting a very sensible assessor.

    One thing that has come out of this that could help others is that they based a lot of their report on evidence i sent dated november 2011 (yes, that is twenty eleven)  so it is definitely worth sending old stuff if it is still relevent. They did phone his support worker too.

    Their report seems to be more based in what the support worker and that ancient report says, rather than anything i wrote!!

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  • soconfused
    soconfused Member Posts: 102 Courageous

    I won my tribunal on the 27th Feb - and I got my years worth of back pay today - so that's 2 weeks - the DWP do seem to be super fast and that's good - what's also good is your assessment and they will just go off that - so fair play!

    Possibly he won't need help but you can always help. 


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