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Entitlement to Working Tax Credit with disability element -During Government shut down?

CloudCloud Member Posts: 25 Connected
The government has announced that for those workers in hospitality who have been closed down by the government, will receive up to 80% of their wages.  However, my question is what happens to their disability working tax credit? Is it suspended or stopped?  Or does it carry on?

 Because if they are not working the 16 hours required for disability working tax credit (which is the hours needed to qualify) you would be knocked off of the working tax credit.  Many places of work have been shut down for at least 3 months.
A lot of vulnerable rely on this.  
Without being able to work the 16 hours every week that is required, through no fault of their own, but by government shutdown. 
Does anyone know if the tax credit payment will continue? Will it be suspended, or would their claim end.  If it has to end, (apart from being out of pocket), then months down the line when the places of work open again, then would the workers be forced onto universal credit?  As no-one can make a 'new' claim for tax credits anymore.

As losing their entitlement to working tax credits will affect a lot of vulnerable people.

I wondered if anyone would know the answer?

Thank you



  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    There was an announcement made during the speech earlier this evening but the plans have yet to be put into place. Once they are then we will know more. In the meantime i'm unable to find any further details.
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  • CloudCloud Member Posts: 25 Connected
    Thank you.
    Yes, I did hear in the speech that they were increasing the basic level of working tax credit.
    But as the government is paying 'up to 80% of their wages' during the period they are forced to shut down and not working, I really do hope that they will not then be knocked off of working tax credits, as the rule is they are not 'actually working the  hours required'.
    Maybe further down the line they will put something in place to protect vulnerable people from losing their entitlement to disability working tax credits, before they are automatically get knocked off.
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