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c19 and mental health

mikeymike Member Posts: 40 Courageous
edited March 2020 in Coffee lounge

well as from today my local café has to close and that place has been my lifeline as besides suffering from a chronic pain disease I also have ptsd and if I stay indoors my depression gets worse and worse but its not just the being out its a safe haven for me everyone there knows me and the social banter there is what keeps me going I sit and read and chat for at least 7 hours a day everyday its close enough that I can get to in a few minutes on my scooter as any further than that on my own is a no go for me. we all kept to the distancing rules, but now without that being able to sit outside in a social environment I am left with nothing. there does not seem to have been any thought about the many people like myself who need this sort of interaction in their life. but without getting into politics to much it just seems to me that this government has been from the very start totally reactive instead of proactive are they now going to wait until people like myself start killing themselves and then say oh we better do something for them. my carer suggested that I just ride down to the café get a coffee take away only of course sit outside and then ride home and repeat where the hell is the damn help ???????



  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited March 2020
    Hello @mikeymike   Thank you for sharing, the problems the issues are of course difficult.

    I live alone never get out not ever now.

    I would as a gentleman of the forum as mental health myself look at ways to adapt keep safe and be practical.

    I have anxiety heighten and add do suffer depression, needs to be some organisation planning of the time you need to be home.

    What is important my advice , tips is to maintain a civility be aware of your own needs.

    Do I need ask my carer any thing, any support you have if not then consider looking at the links provided.

    You have to recognise we are in a difficult position the members of our community that are isolated many of us are have no one.

    One other is that important going to a coffee right now or is the support you need a practical sensible plans.

    Understand know and need to be ready for any emergencies any instances of food shortages, do you have your medication.

    If you need it is on order have you spoken to Doctors , I get mine delivered.

    Look at on line shopping be aware limited services and might have to book in advance.

    Sign up many as you can went on yesterday again be aware some restrictions.

    Any other details, support make notes.

    One other keep away from media or any thing sets off anxiety, obviously Email sent you by Government or our page please look.

    One other might I add be aware of those who insist in helping you.

    Which magazine subscribe to has received alarming numbers of our community and others being targeted by scammers, knocking on doors asking help and so on.

    Being vulnerable and like my self please think of your safety your mental health, if you go out are you leaving your self open to some one who may approach you.

    Not intentional to scaremonger or cause alarm but it is happening.

    Inviting it may be but look at certain options, choices.

    Use this forum to talk am here daily being supportive offering compassion and empathy.

    Among others, hobbies interest.  Simple things puzzle books crosswords, music.  Some activities to do simple chores cleaning, housework exercise and maintain a healthy mental wellbeing.

    Eating sleeping although may be difficult I know too well.

    The links to mental health charities I used.

    Offer a lot of support benefit advice, well being and much more.

    I do not know the situation right now worth a try though.

    I did find out contact those by Email and SKYPE if they have it.




    Other support to consider these two are useful.



    Please if I can help be supportive get in touch, every one needs to be tolerant patient and be aware of helping themselves if they can.

    If there any problems or difficulties speak to me or members of our community we need to sharing and caring to those who are struggling.

    One other is you not alone on this forum.

    Please take care.


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  • 66Mustang
    66Mustang Member Posts: 7,395 Disability Gamechanger
    I am in a similar position in that I get really unwell if I can’t leave the house and I can’t even do that alone so need to have someone with me. I agree with you OP they haven’t thought about people like us when telling everyone to self isolate but I suppose their argument would be that a pandemic is more important than a few people’s mental health. :|
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    Sorry to hear this is having such an impact on your mental health @mikeymike. How are you doing today?

    Here is an article from MIND about mental wellbeing and it has some useful resources. 

  • mikeymike
    mikeymike Member Posts: 40 Courageous
    hi and thanks for the article I have been using a lot of the techniques already in my life due to my crps but its the isolation and lack of social interaction now that is playing havoc with the ptsd and depression my psychiatrist was very determined that I get out all the time obviously that was before all this happened oh I have routines I follow but there is only so much you can do everyday to keep variety going. but I am trying
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,545 Disability Gamechanger
    It sounds like you are finding it really difficult, but are doing a great job. Hove you thought about writing a list of things you would like to do? You could even write the list in a morning of the things you wanted to manage that day. 

    Please do keep in touch and if you would like to chat with other members the coffee lounge can be a great place to start. :)


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