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URGENT: New Coronavirus bill could threaten the disabled

Florine Member Posts: 49 Connected

Haven't had time to read this properly, but time is obviously of the essence, as MPs are due to debate this this coming Monday, March 23:




  • Rifi7
    Rifi7 Member Posts: 198 Pioneering
    This can’t be right. They can’t go ahead with this? Surely not!
  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering

    Don't wish to scare anyone but the last 5 minutes of this video makes you think.    


    Best wishes.


  • pollyanna1052
    pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
    Just listened to Vernon Coleman...he says corona virus is manufactured to reduce the over 70s amongst us.

  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    I think the Corona virus is man made . The doctor / scientist who made it is meant to have died from it....I think he has political asylum in Russia or the USA . ...all his notes went missing as well .
    A scientist was on TV answering peoples questions and he said that dogs , cats ect cannot catch Corona virus ....thats kinda weird as they told us that animals are where the virus  started. 
    I don't think it was stated with any deliberate acts in particular but it is certainly hitting us hard .
    Please take care in the coming days/weeks ...and may your God go with you .?
  • Adrian_Scope
    Adrian_Scope Posts: 8,572

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    Hi guys,
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  • gillian72
    gillian72 Member Posts: 304 Pioneering
    Well  look if u  don't  keep up with  
  • soconfused
    soconfused Member Posts: 102 Courageous
    edited March 2020
    @pollyanna1052 so they don't have to pay pensions? I thought the same. But 18yr olds are dying from it so hmmm indeed. 

    However since this article 507,000 people have volunteered to help the most vulnerable groups - so it's looking up already 
  • gillian72
    gillian72 Member Posts: 304 Pioneering
    Opps just noticed I didn't finish my comment  I  must have had a forget what I'm doing day lol soz ?  I don't believe it's anything 2 do with this hand  content  virus **** ,all the science experts in every country have now told us this virus will be here forever now an all of us r infected with it  that's why  there's really no point having  these tests because  we all have it ,I. Think they got it wrong  with this hand contacts I think it's body fluid  contact  that's why they panicked  and  told us to isolate if we got symptoms I reckon it s  coughing an sneezing droplets that's the killer,because nothing makes  sense an that's why  2 meters distance in case someone coughs or sneezing droplets make skin. Contact  one hour walk outside but if u have a garden u can be out. There alday long as no one else comes in but only I hour  walk ??  Drive to work  but we can't. go for a family drive?
  • gillian72
    gillian72 Member Posts: 304 Pioneering
    or maybe trump got  his Christmas present  after all from little rocket man??
  • gillian72
    gillian72 Member Posts: 304 Pioneering
    @Seanchai ,  you might have been right about this virus, heard on cnn news  2day that it might have come from  a science lab in China , an China are the ones who say they are looking into it ? Xx
  • Seanchai
    Seanchai Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    edited April 2020
    Yep, the more I read the more I think ....??
    Your right Adrian , nobody wants to scare anyone ...although I doubt if icould get much more frightened than I am at the moment .
    I agree the unsubstantiated might frighten others....but can anyone tell me what is substantiated and what is not . I do not think anything is substantiated as yet.  ...but when it is substantiated then we will maybe realise just what we are up against . I realised this virus was going to be bad , much worse than many of us first thought.  My wife and I went into lockdown two weeks before lockdown was called by the government in the UK and Scotland . No panic buying from us though , we always keep our cupboards and freezers full . So it was just a matter off topping up and battening down the hatches . My grandaughter has said for years that" granda...if there is ever a war , I am coming to stay with you ??
    I had a feeling that the world was on the edge of something ( like a war ) little did I realise it is indeed a war ...but against an unseen foe. 
    Please do not go out panick buying because of another three weeks lockdown ...but buy a little extra if you can . I know ( I believe) this will last much longer than another three weeks ...or another three months . It could be winter again before we get out of the clutches of this Virus . The last thing I want is to make anyone more frightened than we all are . Maybe people can only take this lockdown in small stages , and that's fine ...but I would rather know the truth. The policeman of the world ( President Trump) is playing a dodgy game by telling us all it will be over just shortly. Remember three weeks ago he told his countrymen that it will be over by Easter Sunday ... I know that some fall at his feet when he says anything ...I,m no expert but over 20,000 deaths in the States tell us that he is out his depth here ...and everything he says is aimed at world markets .
     I,m not trying to frighten anyone but we have a long way to go yet ...we are relying on God now .?
    When I said that on another site , I was told to ask God why he let this happen ....my answer was ..." I would like to ask God why he allowed this to happen ....but.....he might ask me why man allowed this to happen " ? 
    May your God be with you .... if you have no God ,then I am sorry for you ....please , everyone take care ?


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