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thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,379 Disability Gamechanger
Hello every one some ideas on midweek meals for all of you.

These are ones have midweek. Always veggies and does pad out the week and stores the preparation minimal.

Using Microwave, Slow Cooker, using Blender a useful gadget to have.

Can make sauces in it those packets ones . Those ones in jars and tubs makes more if you add stock cubes or add Roasted Red Peppers. Pesto for herbs and flavour helps.

Add in red Wine Vinegar just gives an uplift to Pasta or a Tomato sauce, with this can add anything you like veggies fresh frozen or use when making it Pancetta, Chorizo diced already for you.

Fry off add some Frozen Broad Beans or Peas and Penne or Fusilli Pasta simple supper.

A good use of a blender is using Spice mixes Curry ones add in Coconut Milk and stock cubes and tin tomatoes.

Get lots to use.  Keep in a tub in the fridge for a few days or use every day great change add Gravy granules . Spicy gravy to use.

Recommend buy Curry Powder not Paste lasts longer  and besides the Curry Spices help with digestion, fill you up longer some do supress appetite.

Fennel seeds is one and helps with digestion, as does Turmeric.

The Recipes.


You need a tub of Four Cheese Sauce add to a blender add Milk just enough to thin out Sauce comes quite thick in tubs.

I used around a  tablespoon .

Add Dijon Mustard, to taste. One teaspoon

Blitz that up.

Packs of mixed Cheese grated can get various ones, Mozzarella with Cheddar cheese or Pizza cheese.

Elbow Macaroni or just Macaroni, microwave a handful per person. Do this with a Pyrex Dish. Add salt Pasta, Boiling water cover if for a family do batches going to be cooked in the oven any way.

Three minutes.

Use Broccoli Frozen or Cauliflower or frozen Floret mix.

If you want to add Bacon please do but this is a veggie night just something light and Moorish simple to do.

No Macaroni use other shapes, Penne anything. I  have used Sundried Tomatoes, Leeks instead.  Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Green Beans seen them in the supermarket fresh or frozen.

Mushrooms added in Farfalle Pasta with Courgettes.


Use same large Pyrex dish for  microwave . Saves on washing up and add portion of cheese sauce and Broccoli and Pasta.

Top with cheeses and into Oven for 150 Degrees fan ovens adjust. Going to take half hour adjust timing.

Check and serve.

If any Cheese sauce left will be. Use this the Classic Broccoli Penne and Chicken next day.

Microwave Penne as before Macaroni, drained add reheat sauce in a microwave add frozen Broccoli and Penne.

Roast Chicken Legs or Thighs, cooked Chicken and shred into sauce.

This can be adapted no Chicken Legs or Thighs buy cooked Chicken already cooked have to strip dice and shred add to sauce.

Or use Ham or Turkey any deli meats. Done this with Pepperoni those slices diced up added in.


Favourite Veggie Curry few ingredients use if you wish Frozen Spinach . One pan no messing about simple quick tasty.

Can add Frozen Cauliflower or those packs of Casserole veggies in supermarkets another choice.

Bought Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash diced fresh pack used in this with Carrots and Potatoes.

You need Curry Powder, use a table spoon use a mild Curry Powder.

Coconut Milk, stock cube tin Tomatoes or Passata.

If you wish to add chilli please do or another one used in Indian Cookery is Worcestershire Sauce.

Tin of Chickpeas.

Frozen Spinach use two cubes per person.


Blender add Curry Powder, Tomatoes or Passata, Coconut Milk might not use it all Stock cube.

Blitz add half to a pan add Veggies and Chickpeas simmer medium heat.

Notice no Onions wish to can do but Curry Powder has Onion and Garlic Powder in it a store cupboard saver.

Add five minutes Spinach defrosted in Sauce. If too thin add Cornflour.

This is great if you have fresh veggies and use a slow cooker . Put everything in and cover with Curry sauce. Add Spinach to sauce and Chickpeas .

Note Spinach can defrost microwave bowl a few seconds drain and add to recipe. Squeeze out water.

Any left use as Spicy veggie soup next day with any other pulses or other veggies.

Or reheat and add any meat of your choice. Like this left over with good Pork sausages.

Grilled and diced up to sauce.


I make soup Wednesday this is very simple a cheat.

I add other veggies Carrots or Potatoes, boil them first and add to a tub or tin of Butternut Squash Soup .

Simmer add some Curry Powder a half teaspoon and cover.

Or you but Butternut Squash Soup packs with Sweet Potatoes diced, shredded for you with Chilli and Onions.

Just add Stock Cube tin of Tomato Soup any one what ever your favourite has cream, spices, herbs and so on.

Jazz this up with any Chilli or Spice mix.

To thicken Soup add Lentils tin of drained.  Simmer.  five ten minutes.

Thank you every one for reading.

Any thing you wish to know please ask me.

I will be putting more on later, some different ones.

Watch this space.


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