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Hi, my name is NCIS! (nicola)

NCIS Member Posts: 1 Listener
My names nicky really that's just my username NCIS. It's coz I have multiple mental health problems and as u said in the video that made me feel like joining was the part were people are like well ur hairs perfect n so is ur make up n nails so u must be OK. That could not be further from the truth. Since I was 15/16 Iv been a self harmer, Iv tried to take my own life twice for real not a cry for help Iv had many of those in my younger years. Every anti depression tablets failed infact some made me worse. Someone gave me 2 tablets I didn't know what they were and bk at 18 I would nt have known anyway all I knew is they were for his mums back pain. They were Co codomal 30/500mg and ill admit it for the first  I felt happy. I now have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder so I feel a million emotions in one day. I'm also agoraphobic so hate the outside. I think this all stemmed from bullying. I used to be bubbly and confident I'm not any longer. Sorry for the book and also I sometimes go of the radar so please don't be offended. I just need me time. Thanks for reading if uv got this far. Xx Nicky 



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