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Hello every one these are my favourite meals to freeze using Slow Cooker.

Not many ingredients cheap and easy to do.  Using every day store cupboard staples.

We all have.



Pack of Pork and Beef Mince packs.500g or larger.
Onions sliced fresh or frozen.
Jars of Bolognese Sauce used 500g
To this any veggies you have .
Added Carrots or Mushrooms.
Herbs any thing if you wish to additional jars have herbs in them
Stock cube and Worcester sauce.


Use half the pack of each mince..

Into Slow Cooker for low six hours.

Everything .

Cool down and box or add to zip bags. Label.

Tip use a bowl to mix everything together or precook everything.  In  a stockpot then add. Useful any left instant meal ready then, any left keep cooking have that for lunch or evening meal.


Rest of the Mince above.
Onions sliced fresh or frozen.
Worcester sauce
Jar Passata 690g
Add any veggies used Carrots and Peppers.
Spices use a spice mix chilli ones .
Or Spices you have Chilli Powder, Cumin, Coriander, Mixed Spice good to use up.
Used half a teaspoon each.
Stock cube make up.
Oregano herb. half a teaspoon or any herbs you have .


Add every thing to Slow Cooker. On low six hours.

Cool down and bagged zip bag or tub labelled.

Same as before use a bowl layer it up and mix or use a stockpot warm it through precook it. Then layer up Slow Cooker.

Need to say both meals great to use with Baked Potatoes, Mash, Pasta, Rice, Beans , Couscous.

Please hope you enjoy.

Please take care.


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