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Depression and anxiety

Kimberleyh Community member Posts: 14 Connected
I've just joined I suffer with depression/anxiety is there anyone else that suffers with it? 


  • Bridget14
    Bridget14 Community member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Morning Kimberleyh
    Welcome to the community. 
    Hope you are alright know it is hard time at moment for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

  • Kimberleyh
    Kimberleyh Community member Posts: 14 Connected
    Yes I'm OK thanks I'm doing exercise every couple of days as it's good for depression and I love it, I'm not worried about the virus if I get it I get it there's nothing you can do but follow the nhs and prime ministers advice 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Kimberleyh   Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    I have mental health issues same as your self.

    Please if I can advise the following if not coping very well.

    1.  Make sure you have coping methods and strategies to deal with any thing.

    This includes useful suggestions exercise which you are doing.

    Music relaxing or joyful uplifting.  I use Motown Northern Soul so on most days.

    Meditation or yoga helps a lot.

    Other use puzzles words games . Arrow  words do these every day morning apply on line.

    Delivered to me monthly .  


    2. Avoid the following media and websites that effect you.  Have the COVID 19 in the media.

    Seeing stories can stress and cause more anxiety and depression.

    Avoid Caffeine all products consume more makes your anxiety worse.

    Coffee, Tea, Cola energy drinks. Chocolate.

    Alcohol and Smoking.

    3.  Make a routine in the day to instil and fulfil your time.

    Make it enjoyable and if you can use certain tasks and duties to pass the time.

    Could be house work tidy up.  Could be sorting out cupboards anything needs to looked at . Got rid of do not need any more.

    Have things you meaning  to do could be simple stuff .

    4. Have a comfort box favourite photos or music, poems and any thing to keep your spirits.

    Make sure you are eating healthy diet nutrition .  Have a good breakfast .

    Plenty wholegrains , bread, pasta, rice. Lean meat fruit vegetables fruit can be fresh, frozen, dried or tinned.

    Tinned pulses, beans.  Plenty water .

    In these difficult times.  Ask me any thing.  Have lots of recipes, ideas cheap eats budget eats.

    Sign up to many supermarkets in your area you can.

    Do a stocklist of essential food items and your own stores. What do you have make meals.

    5.  Just a note make sure all your contacts support are aware of your situation.  Apply any relevant support if vulnerable.  Including your local Police offering assistance .

    My local Police Force issued note offering help.  Ask if your local force  helping community.

    If you are not receiving any support for your condition or illness.

    Consider these three mental health charities.




    Offer floating support advice on mental health and wellbeing, health and benefits.

    Might not be in all areas. Apply website or speak to your GP.

    Please if any problems or issues be happy to be supportive.

    Please take care, keep in touch keep safe.

    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • Kimberleyh
    Kimberleyh Community member Posts: 14 Connected
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