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Free meds delivery.

Peter928 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm on Methotrexate and prednisalone ATM. Two questions : Can I get my medication delivered ?
And am I qualified to receive food parcels ?
I'm interested to hear from anyone my situation.


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,390 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Peter928   Pleased to meet you.

    Thank you for joining and sharing.

    Please can I suggest contact your Surgery..

    Patients Access is a system which you can apply for your prescription.  To be delivered by your local Pharmacy.

    The Surgery you have should have its own website.

    Which is useful book appointments apply medication, prescriptions and anything else you need to know well being health.

    There are prescription services companies on line if your Surgery has not got a website. Look on line these offer a service through your mobile Phone and it gets sent to you by Post.

    As food parcels you have to be qualified to be vulnerable.  There is a link here please have a look.

    Helpline 0800 028 8327

    Please if you experiencing accessing food if you have not already see apply on line to any supermarket in your area.

    There are delivery slots available but is matter of applying to each supermarket being patient, tolerant .

    I applied for delivery TESCO had to get up early 5am slots open . OCADO late night early morning.

    Please if you are experiencing other problems need community support.

    Consider these organisations. Often useful in a crisis.

    Please can add I know a lot of information but read carefully make notes for reference.

    Please contact myself if need to ask about recipes, ideas and suggestions.

    Have lots around the Website cheap eats, budget eats cost very little and nutritional.

    We as a community are here to be supportive offer compassion, empathy.

    Your not alone right now many of our members are in the same position having problems.

    Please may I add further look at our information and advice on our website top of this page.

    If I can help please ask me.

    Please take care, safe and keep in touch.

    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,565 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Peter928 and a very warm welcome to the community.

    Here is some information about how you might be able to get some food.

    Also, here is guidance about how to order prescriptions online.

    Please do let us know how you get on. :)



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