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Frustrated by lockdown

fab66 Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
edited April 2020 in Coffee lounge
Thought I’d introduce myself. I’m arthritic! Wow what a first line, that’s how my brain working this morning because I’m in a lot of pain, had a bad night and am as stiff as a board this morning.
Why? I did a bit of gardening yesterday because seeds were going mad and then I had delivery of plant plugs for broccoli, 15 of them and of course I can’t get up my allotment as I need physical help which means I can’t go.
 So pulled every big plant plot I could find, then the compost, then the seedlings all to my garden table. Sitting down every half an hour to rest. But I achieved it!  Now I’m paying the price. 
Makes you laugh because I keep getting advice to exercise, keep moving. It will help you lose weight. Well today I can’t do a thing because of pain.
by the way I’m nana to 10 ranging from 2 - 21 years mainly boys. My 21 year old has helped a lot since my husband passed away suddenly last August. Hence the need to keep garden and allotment tidy.
I knit when on can’t move days, all winter because that’s when I’m at my worst.  I’m missing them so much during this lock down. 
It’s so annoying my brain wants to do so much and this body won’t let me..
is there anyone out there that gets as frustrated?


  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 16,173 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @fab66 - I can identify somewhat. I have osteoarthrosis in most of my joints & I know planting seeds last week in my greenhouse meant I hurt later. I've got some pots with compost in ready, & hope to sort some more seeds out this afternoon; thought I'd take 2 days to sort things out this time!
    I'm very sorry to read about your husband, & hope getting out in your garden will help just a little. Take care.
  • Abdi_Scope
    Abdi_Scope Scope Membership Team Posts: 277 Pioneering

    Hi @Fab66 sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Yet even with the pain you face you still seem to be finding ways to keep yourself busy doing your garden and knitting.

    Lockdown is certainly hard are you able to use some sort of video calling platform to keep you connected with friends and family. 

    I feel for you for the loss of your husband and the frustrations. Glad you can share them with the community as we are here to help each other

  • fab66
    fab66 Community member Posts: 13 Courageous
    Yes, I try not to let my pain let my mind go that route to depression been there, don’t want to return. Yes I can video chat but as most mums will tell you that doesn’t replace a hug, especially from gran kids. I’ll cope, I always do. Some say strong mind gets you through but they don’t see the times you don’t succeed. 
    I must admit that on recommendations from my brother in law I started taking CBD capsules from health food shop. I take 10mg in morning and at night. I no longer take the antidepressant I was on.  I’ve yet to discuss with my gp whether I would be eligible for the medical type.

    well fresh air wiped me out so. Off to my bed for a better sleep than last night.

  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community member Posts: 16,173 Disability Gamechanger
    edited April 2020
    Hi again @fab66 - There is nothing wrong with taking CBD, but this should be discussed with your pharmacist if you are taking any prescribed meds, as over 90% of them are broken down by certain liver enzymes that also break down CBD. If you don't take a 4 hour gap between taking CBD & other meds (& even over the counter ones), then you might not get the benefit of your meds, or might suffer an accidental overdose of these.
    Also capsules are not as effective as taking CBD as an oil. I write as someone who has been taking CBD for 17 months, & have done a lot of research about this.
    Medical research suggests that CBD is just as effective as medical cannabis for certain conditions including pain & anxiety, so I wouldn't consider the medical cannabis route, as it mainly helps children with intractable epilepsy & MS patients who have spasticity. Your GP couldn't prescribe medical cannabis for arthritis anyway.
    I've been using the following oil which helps with pain due to it's additional component CBDa. See:
    This company is ethical, provides lab certified results, & is also reasonably priced to purchase. It helps the lower back pain I've had since a teenager; helps with my arthritis due to having hypermobile joints (a genetic disorder). It does not unfortunately help with my neurological pain, which is my main problem. However I am grateful for it helping just a little.
    If I can help in any way about CBD, please let me know. How to start with the oil, how often to take, etc.
    Just to let you know I'm a physio, tho haven't practiced as such for a very long time. Due to our family's genetic disorder I researched the medical literature. I did the same before taking CBD.
    I hope you have a good nights rest.

  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Posts: 10,581 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @fab66, really sorry to hear you are struggling. Have you been able to get all the essentials that you need?

    You might find other discussions in the coffee lounge which you might enjoy. :)

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