Has anyone else encountered this with PIP?

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Hi, have already done my MR awaiting results, 
On my decision it stated 
' I accept you need someone with you when you go outside due to your anxiety, but because your anxiety is caused by your physical illness I have  decided that you can do any journey unaided '
I am diagnosed agoraphobic with generalised anxiety disorder plus several physical issues 
Had an advisor help me with my MR and he said looking at my evidence then what was written there's no way it can be about me, he said that the descriptors don't mention anything about what PIP had stated, and the fact they acknowledged I have anxiety when I'm out and need support should've scored me 12 points ( I scored 0 ).
He said that the anxiety does NOT have to have a physical or mental cause to qualify the fact I experience it means I should've scored, as I previously have, and what they have written makes no sense. Just wondering if anyone else seems to have had a report with similar wording thanks


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    abigail71 Community member Posts: 14 Listener
    One thing I missed off, can't edit, I mean has anyone else been refused on the basis their anxiety relates to their physical issues? I have seperate issued anyways so that didn't make sense eitherway, thanks