Bed wetting daughter 13 help advice.

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Hello my 13 year old daughter as bedwetting problems she's had them all of her life we tried  the doctor 's and she sent us to the bed wetting clinic we tried wakeing her  up to use the loo  we tried  no drinks after 6pm other then sips of water  or a sweet or two  we tried bed wetting alarm 's   she had test done blood and urine tests and scans done all came back okay we tried a few drugs the doctor 's given her but nothing works  right now she's on oxybutin tablets  but she's still wet of a night she's dry of a daytime any advice please 


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    Hi @Joanne777
    I hope you are well.
    Could i just ask a few more questions regarding your daughters bed wetting. Is she dry through the day? Does she drink well during the day? Does the bed wetting happen every night? 

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    Hi @Joanne777, how are things going? :)