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Hi All,

My name is Matt from Altrincham Cheshire. Im 31 I have right side Hemiplegia from birth. 

Does anyone have similar symtoms when walking in open places or shopping centres when they feel unbalanced and have to either sit down or feel the need to walk next to a wall. 

My right arm goes quite tight and makes me feel very uncomfortable. Does this happen to anyone else or is there an explanation for this?

Looking forward to hearing back from anyone.




  • janer1967
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    Hi @MattCarson Welcome to the community, UIm sorry I cant answer your question but I am sure other members may be able to help. Have you considered using a walking stick or crutch for extra support when walking ? I hope you get your question answered  
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    Hello @MattCarson!
    Have you considered getting a wheelchair or not? You can get one privately or from nhs wheelchair services. When my son turned one year old in November of 2017, he got his first ever wheelchair. It was a poignant life changing day for our family. I looked at his new wheelchair, and his previously limited world opened up. I hope that someone can help you get some kind of mobility aid. I recommend starting with the Disability Living Foundation site
    My first two pieces of advice to you are to test out some wheelchairs at a mobility aid shop as well and also make some brief notes on what you like and hate. Start by taking a quick look at their website first, then either email them or call up to speak with a advisor for some more information. Also find out about the national Motability Scheme too this is their website. Hopefully they can answer all of your questions properly. I hope that this is useful to you.
    Good luck. If you can, take some photos of each chair. 
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    Hi @MattCarson and welcome to the community! I too have cerebral palsy, with it mainly being my left side that is affected. I too experience what you have described. 

    Your arm could become tight due to spasticity. Have you spoken to your GP about it being uncomfortable?
  • Han_
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    Hi @MattCarson and welcome to the community. I agree that mobility aids may be able to help you. As Chloe asked, have you spoken to your GP about this? Perhaps they can refer you to someone who may be able to help determine what type of mobility aid is suitable for you. 

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    hi matt Masuma here your talking buddy did you needed an advice