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What about you? #1

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I've been playing a question card game this week and thought it would be fun to move it onto the community.

It's just a box filled with random silly questions you answer as a group from your perspective as a way to get to know each other better.

1. How am I most likely to react to being tickled?
A. Pretend that it's not having any effect.
B. Laugh uncontrollably. 
C. Get Cross

2. What would be top of my wish list?
A. To be fearless.
B. To be free to do what I want.
C. To be more popular.

3. What do I dislike most of all?
A. Greed.
B. Jealousy. 
C. Pride

I'll add my answers later too!

(If you've answered these, you can find the next set of questions here.)
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