Any Help I'm so confused

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Im so confused when I moved in April last year and had to change my ESA (work related ) one to universal credit

they sent me a UC50 form , which someone from the citizens advice filled out and even when I recieved my first payment they included the extra £128.25 for "limited capability for work" ,

They didn't sent me for an assessment , I just been through the process of renewing my PIP and within a day of that decision I get a call from DWP saying I have a telephone assessment for the limited capability for work on July 2nd ,

I don't understand why now and not when I first applied for it , I can't believe I've now got to go through all this telephone assessment stuff again , 

I was so relieved to have done the PIP and now back to all the worry again , 

I suffer terrible OCD and when speaking about it with the PIP assessment it just made me feel so low for ages and also more aware of it , 

Because I had to tell them the reality of it and everything I do etc , just that part alone was an awful experience , 

I got CBT hopefully after all this covid is over and it's bad enough thinking about talking about it face to face with someone but with that is the hopefulness that it will help me stop it  , 

I never tell anyone or talk about it because I'm more aware and the rituals keep rising  (just some to my therapist and that's why I'm on the waiting list for CBT) , 

The thought of having to repeat all that makes me feel sick ,

Anyone else suffer with OCD and any help ful info on anything you might have done that didn't make you think more of it afterwards x


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    I'm almost guessing here, but could this new "assessment" be a review/renewal of last years, some awards aren't for long periods. The only way to find out would be to call them, as early in the day as possible to avoid a long wait.
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    Hello @positivitygoing1

    If you were on ESA before claiming UC, your group should have transitioned over which is why your first payment from UC included the extra payment of £128.25 for LCW as new claims for UC LCW don't receive the additional payment.

    It does sound like quite a long time since you sent the UC50 to now be having an assessment but it's not unheard of.

    Best of luck with the assessment on the 2nd. I imagine it's quite common to be more aware of your condition after speaking about it at an assessment as it spotlights it for a while in your mind. Do you find anything helpful in terms of distraction?