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Struggling at work



  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    Oddly enough, I am actually fine, but am stressed. Its almost like like a weight has been lifted as I know I am in the right, and now I am pushing it furthers it has almost been a relief.

    The support has been fine I just need someone or an organization who can force the issue now. I stated my intentions in an email to take my complaint further and my employers have failed to even acknowledge this in any way, so, I am now in the process of making a written complaint.

    I will check out the Dicrimination page for more details, my advisor spoke to ACAS and they stated the information on their page and that I need to make a formal complaint. Spectrum E are no longer involved as my employers simple ignored them. This will be the FIFTH greivance I have raised with my employers for the same, continuing reasons.

    I have my one-to-one of the 24 of this month, and that is probabbly when I will be making it official unless something is said before then.
  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    So, it looks like I am going to tribunal, but, can only use a single even in the last 3 months. Acas will only mediate on my current position.

    So, looks like I am looking form something new.
  • Poppiex21
    Poppiex21 Member Posts: 6 Listener

    Hi Im actually very new here, infact i have just joined, and this is the first post I have read. No joke I have read every single comment and advise.  Pretty awesome.

    You are actually pretty awesome!!  

    so, a very quick background on me, I dont work currently due to suffering from depression anxiety, hypertension or low mood theres no inbetween.  I can type away forever but face to face over the past 2 years has almost become non existent.  My word I have actually had so many jobs where i was constantly dragged in the office for not doing this or that, or doing it wrong or taking to long etc for me lockdown was a godsend, once over my initial meltdown i can totlally relate to how difficult it is to get motivated etc.

    I am not a bag of knowledge, but i just wanted to say, wow, your company have actually missed some excellent pointers in all this.  this is often the case.  see whilst they may see you made mistakes or your not quick enough or you dont do this or that.  please remember this, you are strong, you are determined, you are actually reliable because not many would go back, you are capable because if it was performance based and i have had this before they wont hang about.  if in a meeting the cant tell you to say yes or no many laws here are on thin ice.  reading your entire post i think they have underestimated you if anything. on a flip side, maybe its actually because you know your rights.

    personally i love your drive you do have and i wish you the very best 
  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    edited November 2021
    Sorry I did not see you message until today, been a pretty lousy few weeks. Thanks for your kind words...I hope you are doing well.

    I had my Grievance meetings yesterday, it went really well... up to the very end.They wont budge on me taking on more and more queues. They seem to have admitted they have been in the wrong for some time and are now looking to put stuff in place, but, not really taking any responsibility. It seems that there has been, some, development but I have little confidence much will change.

    I will be still be pushing my complaint with ACAS no matter what, though the don't seem to want to do much.

    I have three choices:
    1) Stick with it and see if I can pick up all the other queues
    2) Go through a Capability assessment
    3) Find something better

    Sorry again for missing you reply.
  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    So, the situation has deteriated again. I've just had my end of year when turned out to be a joke. I am simply been forced out and am now looking for advice.
  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    Well, it seems no one is watching this thread anymore, but, it looks like I am going to be looking for a new job.
  • chiarieds
    chiarieds Community Co-Production Group Posts: 11,663 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi, & sorry no-one has replied. Personally I don't know much about the situation you've faced, so difficult to reply. This may have been mentioned previously, but I do know that Scope help those with a disability in getting a new job. Please see:

  • Teddybear12
    Teddybear12 Community Co-Production Group Posts: 2,185 Pioneering
    Hi @Rechnin So sorry you are still having problems at work. Are you still going ahead with ACAS ? Take care.
  • Rechnin
    Rechnin Member Posts: 90 Connected
    @chiarieds @Teddybear12 I will certainly look at Scope's employment services. As for ACAS, not sure what the point in anymore, they have clearly covered all their bases bad it might just be better to look for an employer who wants to work with me.


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