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Discrimination at work due to migraines

Tarabracken Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited July 2020 in Work and employment
I work in an independent school.  I am a chronic Migraine sufferer, who takes prescribed medication to help manage this. Our board of Governors have decided that if anyone shows any symptoms of illness whatsoever, the Head has to tell the member of staff that they must have a Covid test and can't return to work until the test has shown to be negative, whether or not the illness has Covid symptoms.  As we are an independent school, we only receive a very minimum amount of sick days that we are paid for.  I generally try to manage my migraines and work when I can, but the Head has confirmed this morning that every time I have a migraine I have to stay off and have a test and not return until it is returned as negative.  This will impact my sick days significantly and I am a single parent who can not afford to have unpaid days at home.  I have explained that I know when a migraine is coming and that I could differentiate, but she is adamant.  I feel that I am being discriminated against, but not sure if I am.  What are your thoughts please?


  • steve51
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    Hi @Tarabracken

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    Yes everywhere is going to do the same thing until a vaccine is sorted don’t you think??


  • Chloe_Scope
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    Welcome to the community @Tarabracken, great to have you with us!

    Really sorry your boss hasn't been accommodating of this. I can see how it would impact on your work significantly. Out of interest, how often do you tend to get migraines? 

    I've had a look on the government website and haven't been able to find anything. However, you could have a look at the Equality Advisory Support Service (who have a helpline and live chat) or there is ACAS who gives employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. 

    Please do let us know how you get on and if there is anything else we can do to help. :)

  • janer1967
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    Hi @Tarabracken Welcome to the community I am sorry to hear about your current situation

    In the schools defence I think they will be having to be overly cautious in present times to ensure school and children are safe 

    They would only be discriminating if they were treating you different to others based on your disability, are they making all staff stay off until a negative result is completed.

    I understand that as you have a condition with repeat occurances this is particular issue to you. It may be advisable to put in a request for reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act, that they remove this requirement when you are demonstrating migraine symptoms. It may also be good to get support from your GP regarding this, or a referral to Occupational Health

    I hope this helps a bit and get back to us if wr can offer any more assistance
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
  • cupcake88
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    Hi the EASS are great they can advise you if it comes under any thing in the equality act 2010 . Its a real shame that thats happening covid have really delayed and messed things up for alot of people .  The Eass will be able to give you some good advice they were great to me .


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