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Your views on the fact disabled people don't exist? (!)

newborn Member Posts: 741 Pioneering
Every time, every single time there's a plan for the population,  we don't count.   Not worth a mention, nor a thought, still less an appropriate section of the new scheme.
Here they go again with the second version of boris bikes.
Exercise has always, to the official and political  minds,  involved school playing grounds and gyms and "go for a brisk daily walk".  Not any more. 
 Now, everyone in the country (correction... everyone except those 'non existent' ones who have little or no use of their legs) must be given, at taxpayers  cost, a bicycle, fifty pound vouchers each, g.p. exercise prescription.  Wonderful. 

Thank goodness there are (covid protected) physios supervising plentiful teams of  specialist personal disability coaches. They are, of course,  doing daily housecalls to ensure the essential thirty minutes to two hour daily exercise sessions, 'essential to everyone's  mental, physical and emotional  well being, and even to preventing alzheimer's'.  

Oh, and getting into nature is also 'absolutely  essential, for human health' so another team come several times a week (covid protected and with a specially adapted  covid cleaned van)  and drive these non existent  people out to enjoy nature, don't  they?   

 Of course this will save the n.h.s. and councils more than it costs, and they invariably  take the most sensible  decision both for equality legal reasons, and for obvious financial  reasons.  Of course the disability exercise scheme will be in place before the remainder of the money goes to the bicycle scheme, which will be far more costly and by definition, will only benefit those who could , for  no cost to the taxpayers,  "go for a brisk daily  walk " instead.


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