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Changing places funding

colet Member, CP Network Posts: 83 Pioneering
edited August 2020 in Coffee lounge
Did you hear the other week that the government is going give out more money for changing places to get installed which is get news????

I think that they should be in every town DO YOU THINK THE SAME !

I my town is getting a new pool, email them two years ago when they replied saying “There is one within 5 miles of the site and one within 19 miles of the site. (I wanted to reply to them “how would you like it if you have to wait 30 minutes to get to a toilet”)

so just before lockdown started, I was going to go round to care homes /day Centres/ people that I know, then get them fill out my questionnaire and then go to the town council and present my foundings/result. As I know quite a few people who would benefit from a changing place.



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