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Hi, can I have a rant about ESA please.

Hi, can I have a rant please? My husband was originally on esa then 3 yrs ago had to change to UC as a couple.He received the disability part of it.  My mother recently died and I received an inheritance that took us over savings allowance for UC, the day I got the money (3 weeks into our assessment period) I did the right thing and told UC, our claim was cancelled, which is fair enough, but I mistakenly thought we would still receive part of that assessment periods money. But no, your claim gets cancelled for that month. Not that I wanted it for myself but for my husband to receive his disability element.my husband was told to apply for new style ESA, but have been told Today he probably won’t get it because he hasn’t paid any NI for last couple of years because he couldn’t work, we was never told he should keep this up because he has already paid enough contributions during his working life for his state pension. So basically although I have enough money at the moment, and I work, to keep us both, his non existent pride has been dented even more because he can’t claim any benefits to help with household bills. He does get mobility element of DLA, he has that to pay for car so that he can at least go out. Thank you for listening if any one has any suggestions for any thing he might be entitled to I would be grateful for your help. You might think I’m whinging when I have this money, but my husband has paid a lot into the state and now feels worthless because he has to rely on me. 


  • poppy123456
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    HI and welcome,

    Sorry for your loss.
    Yes unfortunately, when you report a change of circumstances like savings in excess of £16,000 all means tested benefits stop and this includes all of your UC because it's means tested. Even if you report it in the middle of the assessment period, you will lose all the money for that month.

    I'm assuming the disability element you means the LCWRA element, as this is all part of UC which is means tested then yes this will also stop.

    The reason he's not entitled to New style ESA is because the criteira for claiming this is you must have worked and paid NI contributions in the previous 2 tax years and because he hasn't worked then he's not able to claim it.

    Good thing you have the inheritance to fall back on. Once you do go below £16,000 then you can reclaim UC but there will be a deduction in your UC of £4.35 per month for every £250 (or part there of) over £6,000.

    If you happen to have any debt or bills etc that need paying then you can pay all those off and reclaim UC because one good thing about it is that paying off debt is not classed as deprivation of capital.

    Also to add that when claiming certain benefits like UC or ESA then your NI credits are automatically paid but these alone will not entitle someone to claim New style ESA.
  • janer1967
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    Hi and welcome to the community glad you have joined us

    Poppy has given you the advice about benefits but I just wanted to say yes you are very welcome to come here and have a rant and we will listen and help if we can

    At least your husband has his car so he can get out and as this isnt means tested benefit it will continue while ever he has his PIP award
  • Tori_Scope
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    Scope community team

    I too am sorry for your loss @queenwinnie, and for the situation you and your husband are now in. As @janer1967 said, you are always more than welcome to have a rant on here if you need to :) 
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  • Chloe_Scope
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    Welcome to the community @queenwinnie, I just wanted to check in to see how you are today. :)

  • queenwinnie
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    Ahh thank you, and thank you for your condolences too. Yeah, ok thanks, I was just upset on behalf of my husband, as I’m sure you all know, most people that have an illness or disability would much prefer to be working than having to claim benefits, and as he was lucky enough to be able to work till 10yrs ago,( he was taken I’ll when he was 50,)  it’s his pride that was severely dented when we found out he wouldn’t have his ‘own’ money. But as mentioned we are lucky enough to be able to manage on what we have. Once again thank you for your concern. 
  • Chloe_Scope
    Chloe_Scope Scope Posts: 10,557 Disability Gamechanger
    I imagine that has been an adjustment for him (and yourself!). I hope he is able to find other things that he can do with his time that can help to keeps his mind busy. :)


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