What benefits am I entitled to?
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Hi, my name is robinson2012!

robinson2012robinson2012 Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi my name is sue and I am looking for some advice.  My Job is a cook working in a care home but at the end of April this year I was put on sick due to osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists plus suspected carpal tunnel, I have received a letter from the hospital saying that I am now on waiting list to see neurology consultant, this was made on the 12/06/20.  Then the covid19 started so this has held up any hospital appointment, I was advised by the hospital that it could take up to 26wks.  Due to personal circumstances I am relocating so have given in my notice.  Not knowing if my hands will improve as the longer I'm waiting they are getting worse and much weaker. Is there any help I can get as sick pay is very minimal and I really don't know what my future will be.


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    Hello @robinson2012

    It's great to meet you Sue and thanks for posting so our lovely members can offer you support.  I've moved your post to our "What benefits am I entitled to" discussion board so people can better help you.

    In the mean-time, you might find Scope's benefit calculator of use to find out your entitlement or alternatively our free helpline might be able to help you on 0808 800 3333.
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  • robinson2012robinson2012 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi good to hear from you and thank ou for your help :smile:
  • robinson2012robinson2012 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Forgot to mention I'm 60yrs of age
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    Welcome to the community @robinson2012!
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    Hi @robinson2012 Welcome to the community glad you have joined us.

    I would advise you dont resign from your job as if you leave voluntarily this could affect what benefits you can claim, the best way would be to remain sdick and get SSP until this comes to an end and then apply for benefits or to go through a medical dismissal

    Im not expert on benefits but a lot depends on your individual circumstances so using a benefits calculator would be the best idea to find out what you could claim

    Any furtgher advice you need just ask
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    Hi and welcome,

    Leaving work because of a health condition will not cause you to be sanctioned for claiming any benefits because this will be good enough reason as to why you left.

    New style ESA maybe possible if you've paid the correct amount of NI contributions in tax years April 2017 to March 2018 and April 2018 to March 2019. However, although a claim for NS/ESA can be started 3 months before your SSP ends you won't receive any payments until it ends. You will need your SSP1 form and a fit note from your GP to be able to claim this. It's not means tested so other income, savings/capital will not affect the amount you can claim. This pays £74.35 per week for 52 weeks unless you're placed into the support group and then it's paid for as long as you remain in that group (with a little extra on top)

    Universal Credit can be claimed as well as SSP BUT whether you're entitled to anything will totally depend on your circumstances. UC is a means tested benefit so if you have savings/capital of more than £16,000 rthen you're excluded from claiming. If you live with a partner that works then you claim as a couple. Your SSP will reduce your UC by 63%. Use a benefits calculator to check entitlement. A claim for UC will end any tax credits you may already be claiming.

    PIP maybe possible if you're not already claiming this but it will totally depend on how your conditions affect you, whether you'll successfullty be awarded. It's not means tested so other income will not affect the amount you can claim. A successful claim can take several months. See link.

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    Welcome to the community @robinson2012, how are you doing today? :)
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