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I want to buy the Book Fred Phelps In Hell?

MrCat Posts: 26 Connected
I have sent emails to my father telling him to buy it for me.


Just the damn title is enough to make me want it.

Fred Phelps is basically a man who I think deserves very horrible things happening to him. I think Reincarnation is the way the Gods do it. But frankly hearing the hate he used to engage in. His humiliation of our unready poorly treated vets. And all the Evil **** he did to his own children makes him a monster who deserves to be Humilated as Mel Brooks did to Hitler 

I love how this sounds in the sample. He really deserves this.

Although I actually hope he didn't go anywhere bad... I hope he is in a better place!

I am Gay Autistic and Pagan and I hope he's happy where he is now?

If by the way your an atheist and think he poofed out of existence I don't mind. Just don't try to force your views on me.



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