Highway Code Your Views Needed

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Highway Code: your views needed to improve safety

This week (31 August) a consultation has been launched seeking your views on proposed changes to the Highway Code. 

The review is being held by the Department for Transport, to improve safety on pavements for:

  • wheelchair users
  • people with visual impairments
  • prams or buggies

The main changes being proposed

The main changes being proposed are to:

  • extend the London-style ban on pavement parking
  • make it easier for councils to pass laws to prevent pavement parking
  • give councils the power to fine offenders

You can read and respond to the consultation online, complete a form or send an email to share your views.


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    Really interesting @Richard_Scope
  • OverlyAnxious
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    This is a good idea in theory, but there just isn't enough parking for all the cars on the road now.  You can't ban them without giving them somewhere else to go.

    A lot of our housing, particularly in towns, were built way before people had cars, the roads are too tight to park on the roadside so they are forced to put two wheels on the pavement to allow the safe passage of emergency services and bin lorries.  Even with more modern housing estates, there isn't enough parking provided.  I find weekends particularly bad when most people are home that would otherwise be parked at work.  

    The real answer to this is reducing the amount of private vehicles on the road - and I say that as a car guy & someone who is unable to use public transport!