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ask for advice with bidding for council property

absily Community member Posts: 8 Connected
hello, my name is abdulsalam, i am dissable with high dessabilty , im getting the PIP and benefite from UC, my brother is my carer .im living in 2 bedroom house ,my borothers family move to the UK to live with us,we reported the council about this change .when the family arrived, the counil informed us that the property is addabted to me and its over crowded , because of that family will join the system of housing which move to hostel or hotel till the council find close house to mine, its imppossible to be separated to my brother and live alone because of my circumanctances and dissability.  we asked to be in the same property, so depend on our dessicion the council change the family band from band 1 to band 5 and then to band 2 which is higter as aresult of my dissabilty. The NHS came to see my property and told us its not accessebile or soutiable for my special dissability. five people including me are sharing the house,we have been bidding for months and nothing new yet. i really need your advice or help to speed up the bidding results or process.



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